#1 Thing That Scares A Guy Off | Dating Advice by Marni Battista

Want to know the #1 thing that scares a man
off? My name is Marni Battista and I'm the founder
of The Institute For Living Courageously, Where we help successful women love themselves
and create amazing lives that they love. The one word that really turns a guy off is
NOT RELATIONSHIP. An actual quality guy wants to know that you're
looking for what you're looking for. So don't avoid the relationship word at all. In fact, on the second date, at least, you
want to just get a clarity check and make Sure that he's looking for a relationship
too. And so you can just tell him, "I'm in a place
in my life where I'm looking for a committed Relationship". If you want marriage, say that. Now, the thing is, you're not going to ask
him whether he wants that with you. You're just going to say, "What about you? Where are you in your life?". That is a TURN ON not a TURN OFF.

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