3 Cs of Femininity – 3 Ways to Be More Feminine Pt2 | Dating Advice Marni Battista

In the last video, I was talking about what
it is to really be in your feminine. We talked about this thing called the 3 Cs
of femininity. So I want to go over those with you right
now. 1. Compassion
When you're in your feminine, you'll be able To not only have compassion for others but
self-compassion. That beating up of yourself is really making
it hard for you to let others love you. So you want to be self-compassionate as well
as compassionate for others. 2. Femininity is about collaboration. It's what's in it for us mindset. And finally,
3. When you're in your feminine, you have self-control. You can master your own emotions and stay
on your own page and communicate effectively.

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