7 Habits of HIGHLY MASCULINE Women (Tap Into Your FEMININITY)

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So I received this question from my Special membership group and it was About how can a woman know that she's Coming off too masculine or that she's Exuding too much masculine energy and It's a great question because in today's World you're hearing more of a Discussion about masculine and feminine For some people that's that's a Discussion they haven't had in the past And they don't they're not aware of what That all encompasses and how it impacts Our daily life and our dating and Relationships and if you watch some of My other videos then you know I'm all About masculine feminine energy and how We have to learn how to tap into these Things so It's important that we break down and Have a better understanding of it but Let me let me say this as we move Forward Though I'm going to mention to you a lot Of the habits that come across as Masculine I think it's important for us To understand that a lot of times when We use the word masculine we're really Saying you're coming off hard hardened It's almost like masculine is more Hardened femininity is more soft and so Not everything that's going to be listed Is going to necessarily be a masculine Trait so to speak it's more so that it Just comes across more hard more

Detached that's a very big thing in Masculine energy and I actually didn't Mention in the list but I'll mention it Now you come off a very detached it's a Very very uh What's the wrong look at nonchalant Energy sometimes it's a very emotionally Detached energy that can start to give Off that also hardened energy and let me Also say this you know when we are Struggling with these things and and Please understand this is important for You to learn not just for the sake of Man and dating but for your quality of Life and when we're struggling with These things a lot of times this storm It stems from things that we haven't Healed from in our past things that are Blocking our energy now let me make Clear that that principle is the same Even for men a lot of men who are are Not walking in their masculine energy or Not exuding that is because there's some Things in their past trauma they haven't Resolved and until they do that they Won't fully walk in their power so for a Woman it's the same thing thank you to Better help for sponsoring this video so I know for me like one of the things That helped me unlock my energy and and Walk more Fuller into it was going to Therapy and addressing some of the Deeper issues and resolving those things And that's why I highly encourage you to

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Description so be sure to check it out And take full advantage of this so now Let's let's get to this list all right And the first thing that can come off as Very masculine or is a habit of what Some will consider a masculine woman is That you're very unapproachable Okay so You know one of the things that women Tend to tell me a lot is well I I am Feminine Um once I'm in a relationship And that's great and and I I believe That many of you are or at least are Capable of being more feminine but if You're not exuding that then how will Anyone know how will anyone be drawn to You with the understanding that you are Capable of walking in it so a lot of Women don't realize how unapproachable They come across it may be due to the Fact that I always say you know a lot of You just mean mugging all day every day And mean mugging for those who don't Know you got a scowl on your face no Smile now I know a lot of women don't Like to be told to smile I get it right But at the very least you have to Understand that when you are in Environments where you want to be able To be more approachable you have to Smile or not it's it's in your favor all Right and I'm gonna explain why it's It's a big deal because some of you Might be thinking well I know plenty of

Women who don't smile naked approach I Gotta answer for that but hold on one Second so smile filing will definitely Make you more approachable and I always Say I see this on tour all the time when When you tell me you struggle to smile That's just not who you are It says to me you have something deeper Within that needs to be resolved because When you are at peace from within Smiling comes naturally okay so if You're struggling with that then ask Yourself why just don't say this is who I am no let's go deeper all right but to Answer the question of well there's Plenty of women who don't smile and they Get approached so here's the key Most of those times they're getting Approach who just want to have casual Relations with them because men who only Want to have sex with you and have fun Or whatever you want to call it they Don't care about your energy it doesn't Matter it it actually works more against You when you give off a more masculine Energy because I always say that kind of Energy says to them oh you won't get in Your feelings because remember I Mentioned earlier it it kind of goes With the whole emotion detached and Emotionally the Taps is ideal for a man Who's just looking to have sex and past Time he doesn't want you to get on your Feelings so if you come across that way

He's thinking oh you're the prime Candidate for a casual situation you'll Even see where women who come off that Way tend to have tons of married and Taken men approach them because again to Them it's like oh she can play her Position she doesn't get all emotionally Involved we're good here and a man may Not be able to articulate that but again That energy that that Spirit you're Giving off communicates that to him all Right and they've seen it multiple times So they start to connect those dots in Their head like oh this means this Anyways that's one of the reasons big Reasons why yes you may still see women Get approached without smiling or being Approachable and there's some cases Where listen you know depending on I Have to say if I'm going to be honest Depending on your level of Attractiveness you may have a little bit More leeway right but we should not be Leaning on that because again what kind Of quality man will you attract if You're not exuding the correct energy or A more positive efficient energy and and I can tell you from women in my Membership group or women that have had As clients and just talk to randomly Those who've learned to shift their Energy into a more feminine energy when They're out and about have seen amazing Results so again one of those traits or

Habits of masculine women is being Coming across as very unapproachable all Right so here's a second habit of Highly Masculine women that I think many Overlook Is you tend to over speak and dominate Conversations okay Now I want to start by saying I Understand that that's that's not always About you being masculine sometimes There's a lot of women who are just not Aware of their maybe excitement or Passion that they tend to just jump in And and over speak that person or again They dominate the conversation I Understand that happens but The over speaking specifically can come Across as very masculine to that again That hardened energy that energy that Gives that gives this perception that You are difficult to deal with okay and So it's important that you become Mindful of that because more and more Men are paying attention to those things And the reason why it can create such a Problem or a negative perceptions Because listen at the end of the day If you don't show the ability to just Listen to what he's saying then one how Does that play into when you guys are in A relationship and he's trying to Express himself As well as how does that play into you Being able to properly process what he

Just said I'll never forget this story Where Um a couple I knew they went to a Counselor I wasn't available to the Counselor at this time so they went to a Different therapist and there was an Exercise that therapist gave them where The therapist told the husband all right Tell her how you feel and then he goes On his whole event and says how he feels And then at the end of it she goes to The wife she says repeat back to me what He just said And the whole next 30 minutes or so was Her not repeating it more trying to Interpret it well what I heard was this Well it sounds like he's saying this Rather than oh What did the man say okay and so for uh For a lot of women there's this bad Habit of you're not listening and and Taking the words specifically that he's Saying to you to understand where he is Coming from you are twisting it and Turning it and creating a narrative that Isn't accurate all right so when you Going back to the point of this of this Uh going back to this point when you Over speak and you show that inability To listen then you show an uh inability To properly process what's being said And that can lead to a lot of arguments To a lot of misunderstandings to a lot Of breakdowns in communication all right

But then also let's get back to the Whole dominating the conversation Because again I can't tell you how many Times men have said to me like I can't Talk to my wife or I can't talk to my Partner or whatever I don't feel like I'm being heard because she's just Overrunning the conversation every Single time and when men don't feel Heard they will shut down I I don't know if I say this Unfortunately Even though they'll shut down they'll Stay in the relationship so don't Confuse them staying with that means They are happy with the way that you're Communicating with them it's just that Many just take it as okay you know what I don't want any problems let me just Keep the peace so I accept that she over Talks me I accept that she controls all The conversations even though I'm not Gonna do anything about it but it leads To so many more breakdowns and Unhappiness and all kinds of problems so Be mindful of that be be very conscious Of listening not listening to rebuttal Listening to understand listening to Allow this person to get everything off Their chest and then you speak All right so let's move things along and The third habit of Highly masculine Women is being very dismissive okay So it kind of goes hand in hand what we

Talked about with the conversation Um though though we were discussing over Talking and dominating the conversation That woman that does that tends to also Be dismissive of what the man is saying Now again this is one of those things Where I don't want to call Dismissiveness a true masculine trait It's more so it comes off very hardened It comes off very difficult and that Kind of plays into someone perceiving You as very masculine all right and so Again men have feelings and I know That's a shock to some of y'all right But they do and when you're being Dismissive of them that hurts that can Cause them to shut down I already can Hear some of y'all saying well how about When he's being dismissive to us listen Anyone in the relationship being Dismissive that's a problem both the man And the woman have to work on trying to Understand and acknowledging the other Person's feelings and what they're Saying now acknowledging doesn't doesn't Necessarily mean you have to agree okay But but it just means you're you're Saying to them I hear you I understand Why this would bother you though and When I say when I use that phrase I Understand why this would bother you you May not understand it in the sense that It would bother you but you understand It bothers them that's how they react to

Things and when you have that Acknowledgment that lets people feel More heard more valued and it allows Them to continue to be open with you but I have to say this you know when you are A very dismissive woman Again it goes back to what I said in the Very beginning There is something in you that has not Been resolved that causes you to just Shut people down like that Have to say that it it doesn't just stop With how you are with men if you're very Dismissive towards him there's a very Good chance you're dismissive towards Your friends to to your family possibly Your children okay and all of that is Going to create a very unhealthy unhappy Environment You got to be willing to look at Yourself in the mirror and check Yourself in disregard all right because Healthy communication cannot exist with You being constantly dismissive and you Have to ask yourself how does it make You feel when people do it to you and And the fact that if there is someone Doing it to you so going back to let's Say that man has been doing it to you Okay that doesn't mean do it back that Means address it and if he's not willing To correct it then you let him go but You don't stoop down to that level you Don't develop the habit of it because

Again that habit will now carry on to Other aspects of your life so I have to also say this if you're not Too sure if you're dismissive or not ask People that you talk to ask people that You care about tell them to be brutally Honest with you and ask them about what Don't even just ask about being Dismissive ask about how is your Communication Style with them and take Be open to their feedback and start Working on those things because when you Can learn to speak with more love and More compassion and and be more willing To listen and hear people out you will Start to exude more feminine positive Energy So I want to add something before we Move on to the next point So my videographer brought to my Attention that sometimes as a woman You your response to that man expressing Himself may just be a quick okay Now notice how I said okay It's more like yeah shut the hell up I I Don't hear no more it's not really okay I get you you know what I'm saying and So sometimes you you may not be Attacking them with your words you may Not be flat out this missing them with Verbally but your energy still says I Ain't trying to hear you right now Be mindful of that too so everything That we're talking about because again

We are talking about masculine energy And feminine energy so it isn't just About the words you speak it's the Energy that's coming off of you and so To really fix that is to get to your Heart to get to your intent when you Come into a conversation if you come Into that conversation with a genuine Desire to find peace to find resolution To listen to understand then you will Give off an energy that is more Receptive and more welcoming and creates Better communication in any of your Relationships all right so now we got Another one and before I give you this One I need to I'm just going to give you This disclaimer in advance This next one might trigger some of Y'all all right stay with me take a deep Breath again I have to repeat everything I say is with love and to help you Experience a better life overall and Dating in relationships okay nothing is To attack you nothing is to undermine or Devalue you that's not what I'm here for But I understand that certain things Can't hit hard or can be tough to Swallow just listen to everything Because I'll break it down so the next Habit of Highly masculine women is Seeing her value in her achievements Again hear me out okay So let me start with this I I've noticed over the years that

There's many situations where I ask a Woman what makes you a good woman and She'll start going down the list of I Have a great job I have my own house I Have a business I'm educated so on and So forth and it's it's all these Achievements that she's made and and Listen there's nothing wrong with taking Pride in those achievements there is Value in those achievements right it's All beautiful good stuff But when that's what you base your value Off of That comes that plays into the whole Masculine role all right Because the reality is that You those things are valued to you in The way you evaluate men all right the The typical woman most women when a man Has those types of things education good Job all that type of stuff that's Impressive to you that's important and That makes it more desirable to be in a Relationship with him however that does Not speak to where the man finds most Value in women and more specifically the Man who has his stuff together he's Looking for more of the things like You're loving you're supportive you know Uh um things of that nature So What happens is when you're when you're Focused so much on achievements it shows This Detachment from those other things

Of being loving supportive wanting to Look good for your men all these Different things that are seen as the More feminine energy that comes out of You So a lot of men Again When you hear men on the internet Dismiss those things I don't want to get Into this missing them outright but I Have been one of those guys that when When the woman says all these Achievements I'm like okay so what And I don't say that disrespectfully I Just say listen that's not what we care Most about now you may say well listen There are men who do and there might be Men who jump on this video and say well I care about those things yeah listen This it doesn't mean there aren't any Men Who Care But I have to say this You tend to find men who don't have Their stuff together Place more value in A woman's achievements than the man who Does have this stuff together because The man who doesn't he needs that you You become his stability those are Resources that he needs in his life you Become very valuable and in that way Because he doesn't possess those things Now again it doesn't mean there aren't Men out there who achieve much and Appreciate and value a woman who have

Achieved is just that on average that's Not what's going to speak to the man's Heart it can be icing on the cake but it Is not the actual cake okay so as a Woman you you I want you to Still Still Embrace those things but Start focusing more not necessary Focusing more but not putting the other Qualities to the back burner especially When you desire a relationship in your Life okay and and understand that for Both sides men and women we have to tap Into what the other needs to have poured Into them and you know like some people Say that that degree is not going to Keep nobody warm at night and again I Don't say those things to be dismissive Of it I say just to bring light to the Fact that yo we can't just hang it's It's great but we should not hang our Hat on it all right Uh not one the way that we value Ourselves not one more thing I have to Mention with how this valuing of self as A woman with your achievements can throw Things off for you not just in coming Across more masculine but in being able To embrace a guy who brings a lot to the Table so to speak what I have seen is That when women put so much stock and Weight into their achievements and now They come across a man who let's say has Achieved more than them Some women become intimidated by that

And they feel inadequate because now They feel like where is my value here he Already has all this it's almost like Trying to get a rich man a Christmas Gift it's like what do I give this man He really has everything so now that Some of those women start to feel like Well why is he with me Like how am I special enough to be with He can be with somebody else and I've Seen them sabotage these situations or Run from these relationships because They're not seeing the value that he is Seeing which is in the other things that She's capable of being loving supporting And all these different things and so it Can really cause a conflict within some Women all right so again you know all These things I tell you all these videos I make it ain't just about the man it's About you and you being able to walk Confidently in these situations and feel Good about yourself and so when you can Understand that you are not just your Achievements it brings a value that Makes you feel more at peace and and Allows you to see past when that man Does have a lot that he brings as well Which is what many of you desire in a Partner anyway All right so we got some more to talk About so that the next uh Habit of Highly masculine women is that you Downplay or take issue with femininity

And feminine women So if this video has pissed you off There's a chance you fall under this one And some of you some of you may already Have been gone by now because they Already triggered and again I'm not here Trying to trick anybody but at the same Time I understand certain troops are Going to hit hard but yeah if you are Taking issue with it You gotta ask yourself why now I know there's a lot of women who say Well I'm just not feminine that's just Not who I am so the issue that they take With it is that they feel like I and Others are telling them to be something They're not In my perception I'm not trying to tell You to be something that you're not I'm Trying to pull your true self out of you All right I'm telling you to be the Person that you've been suppressing all These years now of course there's Exceptions to every rule but for many of You you become detached from your Femininity and you've been almost forced Or had no choice but to walk more in a Masculine energy for survival purposes All these different things so I Understand that not everyone wanted this Wanted to be in this energy that they've Been in right now But it just under underlines the fact That it's what you've become out of

Necessity it's not necessarily who you Truly are okay and so I'm trying to Bring out who you truly are now a Perfect example of Why I think it's not about who you Really are is there are women who say to Me well okay I'm not feminine but then You bring that woman around kids and They become loving Charming all this Feminine energy oozing out of their body And then remove the kids and bring a man Around and feminine energy is shut down No more feminine energy okay And so when you see that what that says To me is that you do have it it is in You the problem is when you're around The kids they're no threat to you so You're able to be vulnerable you're able To be open you're able to tap into your True self but when you're around men you View men as a threat as danger as a Potential to be hurt so your walls go up The hardness comes out that more Masculine Vibe is now being presented Okay so we have to get to the root of The issue and that is the fear of being Vulnerable the fear of being yourself And understanding that being feminine Isn't what gets you hurt but yes if you Give your energy to the wrong person They're going to be some bad people out There that doesn't mean stop being Feminine it means stop dealing with Those individuals all right now of

Course there's a lot more we can talk About when it comes to tapping into Feminine energy I don't want this make This video all about that well talk About that in other videos and things I Have coming in the future but I do Because I know there's a big topic when It comes to well having to work in Corporate America in certain work Environments has pushed women more into A massive energy you know some some may Feel it's unreasonable to ask them to Not be to not give off so much masculine Energy but again we'll say that for Another time The point here though is There's no need to take issue with it Even if you're going to say to me well It's just not who I am or I I I'm not Happy when I'm walking in it I've yet to Come across that I've yet to come across A woman who really worked on this tapped Into the feminine and did not find Herself happier more at peace healthier All these different things but if you Can say to me listen stuff on it it just Don't work for me that's just not that's Truly not who you are I'm not gonna Fight you on it I do think you should Give it a try I'm not gonna fight you on It but even if that's the case there's No reason for no need for you to take Issue with it or take issue with others Who walk in it or others that see the

Power and the joy in it you know what I'm saying at the the most important Thing I want for all of you is to tap Into your true self is to walk in to Become the person that God created you To be all right and so you know Ultimately there's going to be some Variations here and there but I do think For the vast majority of you you exuding More feminine energy is who you truly Are where you'll truly be happier and What will work best for you all right And so now a couple more and we'll wrap This up the next thing on this list that Uh of habits of masculine women is too Independent So I want to say this I like these two Things go hand in hand Being very independent naturally gives Off or more masculine or as I mentioned Earlier hard energy okay or when people Start tapping more into that mask then They naturally become more independent Person it's like it's a vicious cycle That works with with each other now I Understand again many of you are Independent by necessity I am not trying To bash your independence by and Bringing light to the fact that yes Being very independent gives off an Energy that can make you more difficult To deal with it because you have to Understand that relationships thrive on

Interdependence not Independence so the Principle will remain true even if we Talked about a man if a man is too acts Too independent in a relationship he can Undermine that relationship his partner Will feel less valued she will not feel Like uh she's uh included in his life in The way that she would want to be Included or respected and it will start To cause problems well the same thing Happens on the other side all right so We we've got to understand that and Rather than just dismissing the whole Idea of the need to work on it again ask Ourselves okay how can we improve in That area and How can create a better balance because For again for many of you being Independent is due to what you have to Deal with in life you don't got much of A choice right now but I want you to get Better at turning that switch on and off When necessary like learning how when You gotta do things yourself just gotta Do things yourself but if let's say There's a man or even and it's not even Just a man family friends they offer you Help you become more comfortable with Letting people do for you because what You'll find with Independent Women is Not just oh a man doesn't feel needed no Your whole family thinks you you got it All together you don't need no help so You'll see that Independent Women tend

To be the women where no one's calling To check up on But everybody's calling to dump their Issues on anybody's calling for help and It's not because they don't love you It's not because they they wouldn't Check on you they thought there was a Problem it's because in their head They've been conditioned to believe you Okay you got it And so that only adds more burden to you Which only makes you more hardened which Not makes you exude more massive energy So again it's this vicious cycle so it's Just learning how to at the very least Let others do for you be more vulnerable When it's called for but yes when you Gotta do for you you gotta do for you And can't nobody knock that all right And last but not least The habit of very masculine women or Women who come off as very masculine is That your come on that you perceived as Difficult to deal with and that you Don't listen Now when I first made the list I was Gonna put uh unable to be led and I know That's a that's a very triggering way to Put it and I said you know I'm not gonna Say like that for this video let's just Focus on difficult excuse me and I'm Willing to listen which it kind of goes Hand in hand with the whole perception Of unable to be lit now some of you may

Say well I gotta be led I'm a woman I'm Smart I can handle mines cool but when We're working together as a team we Can't have two it's almost like you Can't what does it say you can't have Two chefs in the kitchen or you know It's like having two heads it's like you Got people now it's gonna pull in Different directions and that creates uh Uh conflict that creates problems that Creates difficulty you need it to be Able to come together smoothly and Typically for that to happen someone has To be willing to say okay I will I will Allow this person to be the leader or Even in sports there's a team captain or The team is is a hearing to what the Coach says if the team doesn't adhere to What the coach is saying everything goes Haywire from there Now I I have a completely different Video on why I I always say you know let It should be the man I'm just gonna put It out there I think it's best and most Efficient in the long run for the man to Be the lead but I want to make it clear I don't say that because a woman is like Incapable or can't make a decision or She's you know not smart or whatever It's what you'll see women in the long Run typically do not want to have to be The leader in their relationship most Women want a man who they can rely on to Be assertive make decisions handle

Things that they can trust the the Conflict for a lot of women is they just Don't trust men to do that or they don't Trust that specific man they're with to Do that and we can say Well then why be With that man not gonna get too much Into that what I am going to say is this When you come across as someone who when I use the words don't listen it kind of Goes back to over talking dominating That conversation then you look like You're not going to respect my input I All right and for a man that's going to Be a problem for most men all right Especially for the man who it and more Specifically for the man who is Masculine if he's not masculine that's a Whole different ball game but if he's Masculine that is going to be a lot of Conflict there all right and when you Come across difficult and when I use the Word difficult here's the thing it's Like And I'm going to give a very simple Example if I say hey let's let's go in This direction And now it turns well why we gotta go in That direction I don't want to do that And it's just this whole thing right It's like damn Why are you making this so difficult It's not that you can't ask questions It's not that you can't say well listen I see things differently it's the energy

Behind it I think a lot of you don't Recognize how you're coming across in Those moments and how it feels more Frantic how it feels more fearful how it Feels more I don't trust you or I think You're too stupid to tell me which way We should be going right now let's keep It real some of y'all feel that way About the dudes you're dating or married To it's unfortunate but it's reality and So even when you may be speaking calmly Your energy Is dismissive your energy is speaking Down to your energy is difficult And that is a problem and that tends to Happen with women who are or exude Already very masculine energy so these Are things you want to be mindful of but Again There's so much more to talk about There's so many like other videos to to Break down some of these things we Mentioned in this one but I just want You to understand that feminine energy Is your power It is for your quality of life first and Foremost it will be beneficial for you In dating in relationships but I want You to know that it will make you more Peaceful and happier regardless of Whatever season of life you're in so you Should welcome it and embrace it or at The very least give it a try Thank you for watching this video I hope

And pray you enjoyed it be sure to watch This one over here on meeting the right Man gets easier when you do these seven Things you have to believe it to receive It And always remember that your perception Of things can create your reality so When those perceptions are negative or Self-defeating it creates a scenario or An environment where

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