7 Signs He’s Attracted to You | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

7 Signs He's Attracted to You | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

– So what are the signs a guy gives you When he's really attracted to you? All of us as human beings are wired up, So instinctively when we're attracted To somebody, we will do certain things That are unmistakable,
and today we're gonna Talk about seven signs
a guy gives you when He is really attracted to you. Sign number one is he positions His body language towards you. This is often subconscious, I can remember When I first saw my wife
for the very first time. I was at the Los Angeles Wedding Expo, And there were 6,000 brides there. There were hundreds
and hundreds of booths, And I'm walking down this aisle, And as I'm walking down this aisle, I literally stop in my
tracks because I see her. She is so beautiful, and
I'm like, "Holy moly." And I wanna talk to her, but there's also This fear of like, "What if I get Rejected, what if she doesn't like me?" And so if you remember those old Sort of horror films or suspense films, When the hallway goes, (imitates movie buzzing) Like elongates. (Mat laughing) That's what it felt like, 'cause I wanted To go talk to her, but I was so scared, And I finally mustered up the courage And I walked over to
her, and she remembers The body languages, I
was like just bee lining Right for her, I couldn't help it.

Like I was in this like fog or haze Of like, "I don't know what I'm gonna say But I'm gonna say something, I'm gonna Go talk to her." And yet my body language was
just pointed straight at her. So when your man is open, when His body language is directed to you Versus like he's talking
to you, but he's just He's gonna go somewhere else, 'cause He just really wants to get away, He really, really wants
to go do something else. Or if he got closed language
or things like that. Body language is a beautiful unconscious Indicator of his degree of interest. The second sign that he's really Attracted to you, is that he makes Himself available to you quickly. Now there's always the guys that are gonna Play games, and gonna not text you back Right away, but just know this, That's the minority, that's like The small percentage of guys that Are playeristic out there, that Actually do 95% of the approaching. So while you might be,
you know, running into These guys a lot, there's really a small Percentage of guys that are out there That are just players, that are just Trying to get laid, they are gaming. But the vast majority of guys out there Are good guys, and they're gonna give You honest signals that they're Interested in you, and one of those really Honest signals is they
make themselves available.

So in other words, when you text, They text you back. When you call, they pick
up like they're wanting To get back to you right away because They're interested in you, they find You super attractive, they want To get to know you, they
want to go on that date. So they're like, "Yeah, let's meet up, Here's where we should go,
like how's that sound?" And they're wanting to create that Cadence and rhythm of dialogue. So immediacy of response, they respond To you right away, they make themselves Available for you. When a guy is doing that, it's A direct indicator of his level Of attraction for you. And number three, and perhaps you've Experienced this, is he can't stop Looking at you, like he is so captivated By your beauty, that he's
just drinking you in. Like maybe the two of
you are out to dinner, Out for a meal, and he's looking at The menu and so are you, and he looks up And he just sees you reading the menu, And he's just taken by
you, and he's staring. And you look up and you catch him staring, And then he kind of realizes he's staring, And there's that moment of like, "Oh yeah I know I just was staring at you." But he's just captivated,
the human brain gazes And looks at things that finds beautiful. You see amazing sunset, looks gorgeous. You see another human
being that looks gorgeous.

Maybe this has happened to you, you catch Him staring at you, and this is a surefire Sign of his attraction for you. And number four is he has genuine Interest for you as a person. See, a man who's really
attracted to you is not Gonna be just surface level of attraction, Like physical, and we just want to, He just wants to sleep with you. But he's attracted to your whole being, Like he wants to really get to know you, He wants to know about
your history, your past, How you grew up, what your family Was like, what you value, what you're Passionate about, what your vision is. These are those conversations that go Like 2, 3, 4 hours where you close The restaurant down, or you stay up Super late talking and
having that pillow talk Conversation on the
phone because you just, Both of you want to get
to know one another. The man who is really attracted To you, is the man who's really trying To get to know you on a deeper level. And that takes a certain level Of beingness in yourself to attract That kind of man into your life. And so if you would love to call that man Into your life, we do an amazing Program called "Manifest Your Man." If you are ready, if this is your time, If this is your year, I want to extend An invitation to learn more about This program 'cause it could just be

The support and the path to finally Help you call in a man who is seeing you This way, and wants to
be your partner in life. So go ahead and click the link In the description, click the link below, You can learn more about that program And see if it's a beautiful step for you. And number five is you'll
notice that he treats You differently than
he treats his friends. And it's not in a good or bad way, It's just different,
and here's what I mean. Because you're important to him In a primary way, you're important to him In a romantic way, then
when you're around, That moment becomes more important. It's not just a casual
hangout with friends. You're not just one of
the guys or, you know, You're just fitting into his life. Like no, there's an alertness that He brings to the moment, there's like This importance, this readiness. Like he wants the moment to go well, He's gonna straighten things up, He's gonna make sure it's planned, He's gonna make sure
there's something to do. Those kinds of intentions are beautiful Indicators of his level of interest. Now number six might seem a bit obvious, But it is a beautiful
indicator of interest, And that is that he tries
to get close to you. The guy who's attracted you physically Wants to be near you. I can remember on my
first date with my wife We were, after dinner, walking along

The Huntington Beach pier, and it was Colder outside and the wind was blowing, And so I wanted to be close to her. So I was like, "Lucky
me, it's kind of cold." So I was like, "Hey come here, let me Put my arm around you and snuggle you." And she was like, "Who is this Guy trying to get close to me?" But at the same time
she liked it, you know, So she leaned in and we
were close with one another. And so the guy who
really is attracted you, He's gonna do those same things. He's gonna try to be close to you, He's gonna try to kiss you or hug you, And obviously in a respectful way, But those are the things
that you want to notice. And number seven, and this is a beautiful Indicator of interest and attraction, Is that he gets nervous, he gets awkward. Why? Because there's
stakes that if you don't Like him, he's gonna be disappointed. If you don't return the
attraction to him, he's Gonna be feeling sad, or
devastated, or rejected. Why? Because he likes you. So that will translate into nerves, That will translate into him either Not knowing what to say at all, And being like dull and
stiff, and not himself, As I'm sure you've
experienced it times as well. Or it will translate into him
oversharing and overtalking. So sometimes women will
say, "Well that guy Was just a narcissist, he just talked About himself all the time." And it turned out she
went on a few more dates

And things evened out, and he was really Interested in her, and it came out That he was just super nervous On the first date, and he was just trying To impress her, and he didn't know that He was oversharing and just
dominating the conversation. So notice that if he feels really, If he seems nervous,
feels kind of awkward, He's oversharing or undersharing, It's a good indication that this Man finds you hot, like
he is totally into you. So my question for you are what are The signs that you have noticed That a guy does when he's really attracted To you, when he's really
interested in you? Go ahead and post those in
the comment section below. I hope this serves you, here is To your amazing love life. Thanks for watching and I'll see you soon. (bright music)

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