Ex-cop Chick Caught Us OFF GUARD With This Dating Preference!

Ex-cop Chick Caught Us OFF GUARD With This Dating Preference!

What does it take for uh what does it Take for you to go on a date with a guy That you do like or lack thereof in this Case maybe you don’t need anything to go On a date with him we’ll start right Here Okay that you actually do like what does It take you can’t be vaccinated No that’s my number one so yeah however I have to get that out of him like oh Did work have to get you did you have to Get vaccinated for work and it’s a no Automatically and [Music] Okay so if you like him then that’s the Deciding factor all right no that’s one Yeah let’s give us uh top three it’s Just yeah what does it take for a date That you do like or lack thereof it Might be a lack thereof it could be Nothing I like him if you’re if you Approached me and you asked for me for My social media rather than being a man In Africa for my phone number that’s an Issue so like what’s your snap like That’s a negative so be upfront and Um be like if you want to take me out Just make that make that known So ask me for my number be a man And don’t be vaccinated and you’re not Gonna and you’re not gonna I guess give Them any other roadblocks so literally He just has to ask your help if you do Like him if I do like him yeah okay okay

All right what about you Um I would just say he has to ask me but Um plan something not really like have Me plan something okay that’s all he has To do all right what about you I feel Like it has to be someone that’s I think Like putting in remember this is a guy That you do like yeah putting still Putting an effort to like get to know me And then making concrete plans I think Like there’s a difference between come Over and obviously making you know plans Okay so all right so he’s got to make Plans yeah yeah he has to like yeah how About this okay you go eat you come over After Yeah what about you what uh what does it Take for a guy that you actually do like Um as long as he’s just like funny good Conversation I know that you got some Stability okay pretty open That you actually do like [Music] I have to find him like mentally Stimulating and sexually attractive Mentally stimulating well those are Already accomplished sex because you Already like him okay wait that’s hard I Don’t know nothing okay that’s what she Said that’s hard fair enough wow so Nothing what about you Nothing nothing right okay because we Can always use your boyfriend as good as Example he doesn’t do anything okay what

About you yeah if I already like him Probably nothing okay Um Damn this is hard Um I guess I would say he just has to Make plans okay yeah just make the plans And you show up what about you you can Just ask me Same thing oh okay just just ask you out Okay Yeah Is it what was somebody trying to say Something a cool Stern it’s her turn Okay yeah it’s your goals her turn no Yeah he just has to tell me he likes me And ask me out okay that’s it yeah all Right Um what about you miss Finland what what Does uh a guy have to do to take you on A date that you actually do like yeah if It’s a guy who I like so he doesn’t need To do much like we don’t even need to do Anything like specific just ask me and If I like you so I come okay Cleveland Um he also asked me out on a date and it Has to be somewhere that I would like to Go without uh even if he wasn’t there Like some place that I would genuinely Like to go What If He suggests something That you’ve never been to before If I would like to see it then yeah that Works okay so you have to like it Yeah Okay fair enough all right

Relationships: Why Would Someone Act Really Interested?

There could be moments in one’s life when they come into contact with people who don’t act all that interested, whilst there could be others moments when this is not the case. Here, another person could act as though one is the most important person on the planet.

Relationships: Can Someone End Up With The Wrong Person If They Feel Low?

If one was to find themselves in a position where they feel down, they could feel the need to get in a relationship. They could believe that being with someone else will make their life better, thereby allowing them to feel good about.

They Retain Your Trust, As You Retain Their Respect

CONDITIONAL love is the same as conditional respect. In response to safe boundaries some people respond by switching off their respect. Some people think that love and respect are dependent on how they feel. But effective relationships depend on love and respect if trust is to flow.

Relationships: Does A Woman Lack Self-Awareness If She Believes That All Men Are The Same?

There are some women in today’s world who believe that all men are the same, and it could be said that this is nothing new. It might not be inaccurate to say that this is how it has always been, but it has certainly been this way for a little while.

Four Basic Steps to Biblical Reconciliation

RECONCILING moments, situations, conflicts and relationships is the major life task. None of us is immune to the hurts that come so frequently with ferocity in life. Yet, when we show we can overcome these hurts using a tried-and-tested method that is easily learned, and practiced with persistence, we find we have overcome our world in Jesus’ name (see John 16:33).

Relationships: Can Someone Put Up With Controlling Behaviour When They Are Emotionally Dependent?

When two people are in a relationship, they can continue to express who they are and to fulfil their own needs. As a result of this, their time together will have a positive effect on both of them.

Comparisons With Others – When It Can Be Good

THERE is one comparison with others we should be making, for our gratitude, to grow in compassion, to train ourselves to see more like God, for our own good. And ultimately for others’ good too.

Is Someone’s View Of The Opposite Sex Created At A Time When They Couldn’t Think Clearly?

In the same way that people have different outlooks when it comes to how they perceive different countries, they also have different outlooks when it comes to how they perceive the opposite sex. There will be some people who generally have good things to say about the opposite sex, whilst there will be others who don’t.

Life Is What You Make Of It

It always amazes me how some people with disabilities make so much of their lives. Think of injures solders who have lost limbs and other paralympians. Or people who are blind and deaf or in other ways compromised. Many of these people besides getting on with their lives, despite their adversity are often happy cheerful people, eager to help others.

Human Relations Are Beautiful

Respect and value all your relationships. They are genuinely an integral part of our well being, are utmost meaningful and valuable no matter who the other person is. Relationships are neither a smooth ride nor a cake walk. Every single day, you have to invest your time and positive energy for relationships to evolve and succeed. Being honest helps in building a robust friendship.

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