His Secret Obsession 12 Word Phrase The Hero Instinct in a Man

Is your man secretly crying for your Help men are hard to read your man might Be hiding something But it’s not what you think are you Overlooking his cry for help do you ever Get the feeling your man isn’t telling You something or maybe he simply gets Quiet and distant for no apparent reason Leaving you confused or even hurt when He pushes you away it’s no secret that Many men keep their true emotions Guarded but it may come as a shock to You that your man is trying to tell you Something in his own confusing way Something terribly important that you Weren’t quite picking upon and it might Sound strange but what it really comes Down to is a bruised ego you see a man’s Ego is the backbone of his identity and There’s one major thing that is written In to the male ego that all men share It’s an elusive combination of emotional Need and biological Drive that’s rarely Satisfied in life for love in fact for Many men it’s such a powerful lifelong Obsession that they are always chasing In one way or another but rarely ever Finding it and when this one need is not Being met it makes him feel inadequate Dissatisfied and insecure and he Probably doesn’t even know why so when He suddenly gives you the cold shoulder Or goes off into his own little world He’s actually trying to tell you

Something that your relationship hinges On he’s trying to show you that he needs Your help to fulfill this need that he Desperately wants you make him feel Whole now here’s the really important Part he may not specifically know what’s Missing but if he doesn’t feel this knee Being met from you his attention will Start to wonder because this obsession Is a core part of his identity and Without it on some level he will feel Like he hasn’t succeeded in life and he Will always be searching for it on the Other hand when you know why your man is Acting like this and you know how to Answer this secret cry for your help You’ll immediately find it a lot easier To make that special connection and Loving bond that most women struggle for You’ll even notice him dropping his Guard and opening up that vulnerable Part of himself his real self that’s Reserved just for you because once you Know how to satisfy this powerful Emotional need he will immediately see You as his lifelong obsession and Keeping you by his side and cherishing Your love will become his ultimate goal And when you do what it says it will be Easy for you to connect directly to his Heart to know his deepest state desires And greatest fears and finally have the Loving open relationship you’ve always Dreamed of

Change in Human Relations

RELATIONS – Everything changes in this with the passage of time. Nothing remains the same as before. Change is the essence of life.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Find It Hard To Be Serious?

There are times in life where it will be important for one to be serious and then there will be times when this is not the case. If one was to come across as one way all the time, they are going to be out of balance.

The Secret To Making A Man Feel Deeply Devoted To You

Most men don’t seek “commitment” the way women do – rather, good men seek DEVOTION to a worthy cause. How would YOU like to be that cause? How would you like to get your man thinking all throughout the day, “What can I do to make her happy?” Find out how to make a man feel deeply devoted to you here.

Give Me Five Minutes (Things I Would Like to Say to An Abuse Victim)

Dear friend, I have no idea how long you might listen before you decide to shut me out. But what I have to say is important, and I hope you will give me just a few precious minutes to share what is on my heart. What I need to say may change how you see yourself and even, perhaps, the course of your life. Please consider my words. My prayer in this moment is that you might give yourself permission to be completely honest with yourself. Listen to what your heart says. You will know if what I am saying is true.

Changing Perspective – Put Yourself In Your Partner’s Shoes

You may think that it is positive to try to see things from your partner’s perspective. The danger comes if you think that you know what your partner is thinking or how they are feeling.

Discover Why Some Lovers Have Cruel Hearts – Part One

No matter if you’re a man or a woman, chances are, you’ve been hurt in the past by a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. They supposedly loved you, and you did everything that you could think of to show them love, dedication, respect, and compassion… but what you received in return was less than satisfactory, and possibly downright cruel.

Worldwide Conflict and Resolution

Our history is filled with human suffering, conflicts and wars. Many similar-minded people believe that the source of our current conflicts is very complex and, therefore, a quick and complete solution is not forthcoming. Many of us are asking ourselves: What I can do to help create a more peaceful world? There are those who feel that wars are inevitable. This hopeless perspective disables one’s motivation to search and contribute to a viable solution. Creating a consensus of ideas can be difficult and require much diligence, is it not easier than living in a warring environment? Your contribution is important!

How Are You and Your Partner Doing Together?

How is your relationship with your partner? What are the positive and negative aspects of your relationship?

When Someone’s Behavior Affects Me, What Can I Do?

We Are Not Separate Some authors suggest that, when we are healthy enough, we will not be affected by others’ unloving verbal behavior. We will rise above it and not take their words personally – that “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” I strongly disagree.

Longing For Connection

Are you longing for connection? Discover what you need to do to create loving connection with another.