How to trigger a man’s hero instinct

Hi okay I had the question from someone In my from someone in my Facebook group The love tribe saying so many dating Coaches out there talk about the Importance of triggering a man’s So-called hero instinct and frankly they Make it sound as though if women don’t Master these techniques they’re doomed To failure in their love lives could you Please give us your thoughts on this Okay so yes of course triggering a man’s Hero instinct is a fabulous wonderful Thing however the only problem with Trying to do it or having techniques to Do it is it becomes a strategy so let’s Go back to masculine and feminine energy Okay so heroic energy is about action It’s about giving it’s a masculine Energy action strategy planning Organizing having techniques and tricks To and strategies to get someone to do Something is all masculine energy so It’s gonna get its gonna be exhausting For you if you are trying to make Something happen with a man if you’re Trying to trigger something in him okay So if if hero energy is masculine energy And you are wanting a masculine energy Partner in your life being in your Feminine energy is what is going to if Your man is capable of stepping up into Hero energy if hidden his hero instinct If he wants to do that for you then your Best shot at that is for you to be in

Your feminine energy and feminine energy Is about being receptive it’s about Feeling it’s about being rather than Thinking so rather than thinking it’s About feeling rather than doing it’s About being and receiving and it’s about Intuition and it’s about breathing out Okay so it can often feel like you’re Not doing enough now yes being in your Feminine energy Is what will give you the best shot of Having a man man step into his masculine Hero instinct if you want to call it That however I’m really really against Having any kind of strategy to make Something like that happen because I Don’t think long term that works being In your feminine energy is about you and About how it feels for you as a woman I Was a very masculine energy woman I Found it very hard to feel I found it Very hard to let go of control but Actually being in your feminine energy Feels really good it feels like a Complete relief you don’t have to try You don’t have to make anything happen It’s sensual its sensory so my answer to That how to get a man to step into his Hero instinct he will if he’s going to And the best shot you can have of Attracting that is just by living your Life in your feminine energy expressing Your feelings not drama occasionally we Get dramatic but really expressing I’m

Feeling sad and allowing yourself to Feel them I mean I have so many tools I Teach about how to just really feel what You’re feeling a simple one I’ll give You now you know to put your hand on the Table put your hand on the couch put Your hand on whatever is solid around You and just feel it and just feel the Texture of the whatever it is under your Hand because if you’re warm does it feel Cool does it feel soft notice if you’re Thinking anything No How it feels just to be feeling the Texture of the wood or the fabric or Whatever it is under your hand that is Feminine energy it’s also called Mindfulness it’s many things but that’s About being in your feminine energy so Whether you’re in a same-sex Relationship whether in a heterosexual Relationship if you are wanting a Masculine energy partner you’re going to Need to be in your feminine energy You know the masculine energy wants to Be the hero wants to be the knight in Shining armor but if we are in our Masculine energy weak we are not Allowing the other part they are partner To do that for us it’s like if there’s One pair of trousers in the relationship One metaphorical pair of trousers on one Metaphorical skirt then you need to Decide which you’re gonna wear and if You’re gonna wear the trousers he can’t

Wear them and I don’t know how good your Man looks in a skirt and how good you Feel in the relationship trousers so if You want him to wear those relationship Trousers be all heroic in his Levi’s Then you need to what be in the feminine Limiting you can still do that in jeans That is a metaphor so that’s really what It’s about that’s how you do it but Don’t have an agenda about it don’t have An agenda that you’re gonna get your man Into his hero instinct and I’m just Gonna do this this and this and then He’s gonna do it know you live your life In your feminine energy because it feels Damn good feels damn good for you to do That and the beautiful results you will Have in your life is that the men around You will become like heroes to you they Will want to help you probably just Because you’re letting them they Probably wanted to all along so I hope That’s helped I hope that’s answered the Question and loads of love to you all