If He Said He Had a Great Time But He Didn’t Text…

I think there is a common misconception When it comes to attraction that if Someone said they had a good time that Means they’re going to call the problem With I had a good time is that we can Feel we had a good time in lots of Different situations I’ve sat with People strangers having a conversation And thought that was nice but I didn’t Want to go out with them afterwards it Was just a that was nice and it’s also a Polite thing to say at the end of a day Isn’t it I had a good time that was Really nice see you soon you ever done That see you soon Audrey said that Recently to someone she made a wrong or Jay she called a wrong number and they Went okay it’s no problem and she said All right speak to you soon and put down The phone You said speak to you soon to a wrong Number so can we trust anything in life Because Audrey is the most honest person I know I actually think There is a way to get rid of this Mystery of course there’s always a Number of reasons someone might not call Or text you maybe they got back with Their ex three days later you never know Maybe they got unbelievably busy with Work maybe they left the country and Went on holiday who knows why things Didn’t pan out but there is one very Common reason why date one doesn’t turn

Into date two and that is a lack of Chemistry so you can be on a date with Someone and build connection through Good conversation you can even enjoy Someone’s company that doesn’t mean that There’s chemistry that doesn’t mean you Feel that spark and the truth is the Thing that carries most people from one Date to the next Is not a really nice connection it’s Real fiery chemistry that’s the thing That makes us go I must see this person Again what are you doing tomorrow that’s The thing that’s the fuel and too many Of us aren’t generating that kind of Fuel because we’re relying too much on Just nice conversation so I wanted to Give you today seven tests to know if You created enough chemistry to get you From one day to another Jameson I feel Like this is a bit of an old school Video I feel like this is a Back to Basics fundamentals I feel like I could Have been making this in my tiny little Studio apartment we were shooting in in The early days can we cut to that real Quick to show everyone as we go through I’m going to dissect it and tell you What I love about it but now we’re here Get the hula hoop Don’t make it the hula hooping clip Anyone who can do it like a really good Hula hoop motion That’s sexy

Jameson you can Photoshop the hula hoop In right not just gonna be hump in the Air You told me you deleted the hula hooping Clip Oh no I did definitely Test number one did you touch touch is One of those catalysts for attraction if We use it right of course we don’t want To be constantly touching someone Throughout a date that would be Uncomfortable and of course there are Areas to touch someone on a date the Inside of a leg Jameson there would be Too much I said that like Jameson’s Guilty of that all the time a little arm Grays you laugh and you touch someone’s Arm you say do you want a menu okay let Me grab you one and as you grab the menu You just touch their arm lightly or Maybe they tease you and you push you Give them a little push all these Moments create touch it could even be Like you’re sat at a bar with someone Having some food and a couple of Cocktails and then you stand up and go To the bathroom and on the way to the Bathroom you sort of just Shuffle past Them and put your arms by on their their Back as you Shuffle past them you know And by the way I think this is better in Uh direction of woman to man than man to Woman I think men you have to be a lot More careful with this but women you can

You can do some of these things that Create just a moment of connection Through touch ask yourself at the end of The day at any point on that date Did I actually touch the person test Number two did you make at any point on The date slow Seductive eye contact pace is a very Important thing on a date I’m not just Talking about eye contact here I’m Talking about how slowly you speak at Certain times how slowly you move at Certain times when you think of someone Confident and sexy there’s a pace to That that slows down when I go beyond Confident and I say seductive It starts to get even more slow doesn’t It well you can mimic that on a date in Certain moments the way you look at Someone when you take a sip of your Drink or when they take a sip of theirs When someone is telling you a story Passionately and you have that little Man you ever have that moment where Someone gets really passionate about Something and you see that their eyes Light up you see that glint in them and All of a sudden you get that little hit Of oh this person’s attractive in that Moment slow down look at them a little More slowly you can even look from their Eyes to their mouth and back to their Eyes these things start to create that Element of Seduction if you’re

Constantly making points and moving Around a lot and gesturing a lot and in That kind of jittery mode and everything You say is really fast sentences and so On there’s no seduction to that pace Slow it down did you slow it down test Number three did you give him a desire Based compliment there’s platonic Language and there’s desire language There’s also a platonic tone and a Desire to own you can use either a Platonic language would be that looks Nice Desire language would be that looks hot Platonic tone would be you look good in That jacket Desire tone would be you look good in That jacket subtle differences but one Of them says We’re going to be friends and the other One says We’re Not Gonna Be Friends number four Did you hug them like you liked them There’s a big difference in hugging Someone as if they’re a friend and the Way we hug someone when we feel Comfortable with them and we like them We let it linger for just a half second Longer we almost become a bit more Vulnerable you ever hugged someone where It felt like just for a brief moment They were sort of melting into you Didn’t it feel amazing didn’t it make You feel connected to that person didn’t

It make you feel more comfortable with That person didn’t it creates the moment Of electricity are you creating that With other people or are you leaning Over giving them your shoulder and the Rest of your body Retreats and it feels Like they’re hugging a coat hanger allow That hug to be a little more vulnerable And to last just a little longer than You would if you were trying to get away Number five did you give them a couple Of opportunities to just observe you Know that moment moment where someone Leaves the date or leaves the table and Goes to the bathroom and it’s the one Moment you’ve had To just watch them you catch a different Angle than you’ve had so far you can Look at them without worrying that They’re looking back at you looking at Them and you can just take them in this Is a moment where you get to Showcase Yourself walking a little sexy having a Lot of strut having a nice little moment With your hair looking at the menu You’re up deep in the menu so they can Look at you or going to the restroom or Just being over here checking something Out which allows them to check you out People need moments where they can take You in without feeling like you’re Watching them number six did you tease Them in a playful manner playfully Teasing someone could be that you think

Your order was better than his and then You look at that person and you go I won I have the best order or it might Be that they say that your food doesn’t Look as good as theirs and you can go Ugh rude got like a little flirtatious Vibe to it tension is often born out of A playful friction right playful Friction allows you both to step into a Role play where you’re having a little a Little thing your odds over something And that creates a spark it could be That there’s a pool table over there and You go we can’t play Paul I can’t have Us fighting on our first date that Creates this little like mini this mini Competition like oh it’s not it’s not so Friendly anymore there’s a free song to It number seven did you make use of the Post date sexy subtle subtext text if You just send someone a message that Says I had a really nice time tonight I Hope you didn’t have to wait too long For your Uber there’s a nice text but It’s so literal there’s no subtext Whatsoever but what if you just said This Tonight was really fun Dot dot dot And then maybe you throw in a little Blushing Emoji firstly it’s not many Words I kind of like it for that reason I’m not saying you have to send few Words but something about this message

Really works because it’s few words it’s Not overly thought out the Ellipsis Is what says there’s things I’m not Saying right now and the word fun that’s Desire language that says we could have More fun together the Emoji is both a Signal of warmth at the end of this Message but there’s also a little Suggestiveness to that too right that’s The ability to blush it’s the ability to Be made to feel something there’s a Vulnerability about that it’s like You’re thinking about how fun the night Was and maybe you’re even thinking about Other things and you’re blushing as a Result this is a message that Immediately when someone receives it After a date they say oh There’s something there this person is Attracted to me this person didn’t just Have a nice time and the great irony is That when we feel someone is slightly Attracted to us even if it’s just in What they don’t say not even what they Do say we’re more likely to be attracted To them because we take our mind out of The friend zone and into the desire zone Now I know what you’re thinking Fine I’ll do those seven things then What will I have the answer for you I Have a program it’s called the momentum Texts in this program are 67 specific Text messages that you can use to take It from a very early stage all the way

To some serious investment so that your Dating life doesn’t keeps drifting into A state of limbo it actually goes Somewhere with someone I don’t think We’ve ever released a more nuts and Bolts practical program of things that You can literally just grab and send It’s really good it took us ages to make It’ll take you seconds to use whatever You how much were we offering this for Before Jameson seven dollars seven we Adjusted the price didn’t we No seven dollars what about inflation Surely it should be about a thousand Dollars by now Have you seen gas We’re sticking to seven you can’t even Get a pumpkin spice latte for that I Couldn’t even get a pumpkin spice latte For that that’s mental check it out I’ll See you over there momentum texts.com Jameson just photoshopped that in Somehow do that you could probably do That in After Effects can’t you Yeah otherwise it just looks like a hump In the air

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