Is it the ick or is it just me? Pt.1 | Dating Advice By Marni Battista

The first thing you have to decide and really 
identify is, "What is the ick exactly for you?".   For some people it's that there is no sexual 
chemistry. Maybe he's just not ambitious.   Maybe for you the ick is, "oh my god, he's just a 
little too feminine for me. He doesn't have that   Alpha err thing that I really love." Maybe what's 
giving you the ick is that it's so easy. Like he's   So into you and he's pursuing you and there's no 
chase involved and it's just giving you the ick.   Sometimes the thing that gives you the ick is 
some weird body language thing that he does. Or   Some smile that reminds you of your great Uncle 
Lester. Maybe it's even his clothes that are   Giving you the ick. But whatever it is, it's up to 
you to define exactly; "Is there a pattern to what   Consistently gives you the ick when you're dating 
someone who it seems like should be good for you?"

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