Is it the ick or is it just me? Pt.2 | Dating Advice by Marni Battista

Once you figure out what it is that is really 
giving you the ick, you have to start looking   At two things. One is "Are you just not used 
to being with someone who treats you well?'.   And if that's what's giving you the ick, that 
"too easy" thing, you need to do some work.   The other thing you could do is, "Are 
they things that are totally changeable,   Fixable?". Like if you tell a guy, "You're 
texting me too much", or you actually give   Him some feedback in a nice way that shows him 
how you like to be treated and turned on. That's   Totally doable and you could actually reverse 
the ick. But the most important thing you could   Do to decide if it's you or if it's him is this. 
You need to have 5 core non-negotiables that are   Based on your values that you're looking for in 
a guy. That way you won't sabotage yourself. If   He has those values, then you have to start 
to really look at the ick. Is it something   That you wish you would change or is it something 
that is absolutely part of your non-negotiable.

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