Men LOVE These 3 Feminine Traits in a Woman | Dating Advice For Women by Mat Boggs

Men LOVE These 3 Feminine Traits in a Woman | Dating Advice For Women by Mat Boggs

– So let's talk about
masculine and feminine energy, And specifically the feminine traits That high-value men just love. It just like magnets pulls
them into this relationship. Now, you probably understand
about feminine energy. You understand that feminine energy And masculine energy are polar energies, Meaning they attract one another. And you also know that these
aren't gender specific. So it's not like women
only have feminine energy Or men only have masculine energy. But you and me as human
beings, we're dynamic. We can contain both masculine
and feminine energy. And you and I also have sort Of a home base and energy that
we live in more than others. And often on my coaching calls In the Manifest Your Man
program, I attract a lot Of successful women, smart
women who are great women, And yet they're disappointed
in who they're attracting, 'cause they want to
attract a masculine man. They want to attract a
healthy masculine man, Not a toxic masculinity
or anything like that, But a man who's willing to
lead, a man who's willing To show up, because they want
to be in their feminine energy And yet they know that
they're sourced or really Have a habit of coming from
their masculine energy. Today I'm gonna share With you three feminine
traits that are easy to notice And activate and dial up. If you want to call in a different type Of partner in your life,
if you really want to, Or maybe you have a partner in your life And you want to activate
more masculine energy in him As you step into your feminine energy more

And you activate these three traits, It's gonna naturally draw your
man into his masculine energy Because these energies are dynamic. Let me give you a quick example of this. One of my clients, her name is Sharon And she's an attorney. And when we first started working together She described how she felt
stuck in her masculine energy. Being an attorney, she was
always making decisions. She was always creating the
plan, she was leading the way. It was very kind of
masculine-dominated space. And she found herself
having a really tough time Shifting that energy when
she would go on dates. And so even if she was with a guy Who was sort of balanced in his energy Because she was so masculine,
he would just lean right Into his feminine energy and
she wasn't attracted to that. And so, she would go on
all these great dates With great guys, but there
would be no attraction Because she didn't want a
man who was really coming From his feminine energy. So Sharon shifted and her results changed. Sharon met a guy named Mark. Sharon learned how to be
in her feminine energy. It helped Mark live into his
masculine energy even more. And the attraction between the two Was like off the charts amazing. And at the end of this video I'm gonna share with you a
video that Sharon sent me Of Mark proposing to her. And this is the moment that
she had been dreaming of, The moment that she had
been wanting in her life. She had been married previously before. It was not a great marriage.

She wanted to call in
the love of her life. And so here she is At this stage in her life
actually having manifested that. And this is the moment And I asked her for permission
to share it with you. And she said yes. So let me share with you
the three simple concepts Or practices that can help you amplify Your feminine energy that Sharon used. The first one is to understand
that the feminine is sourced In the heart, where the
masculine is sourced in the mind. Now, there's no right or wrong. You and I both have masculine
and feminine energy, But just notice where do
you tend to ride around Throughout most of your day? Are you up here? Are you an intellectual? Are you strategizing? Are you visioning? Are you problem solving? Or are you sourced and anchored In your heart throughout your day? Now, different people are different. I tend to be kind of riding around Up in my mind all day long Because of the nature
of the work that I do. But if you want to be more balanced Or even if you want to
amplify your feminine energy, One of the easy ways to do that Is to just move your awareness From your mind down into
the center of your heart. And right now, I invite
you to do that with me. Bring your awareness right now And just put some awareness
on the center of your heart.

And if you are actually
focused on this in this moment You will start to feel the energy field In your heart begin to expand. You can actually feel
this sense of aliveness And the swelling or surging
of energy in your heart space. And that begins to open your
heart to the beauty that exists In the world, to the presence
of love that is all around us. And that will help amplify
your feminine energy. One of the things that masculine loves Is the effect that the feminine has. For example, you're with a masculine guy. He's riding around in
his mind most of the time Feeling a bit disconnected From his heart and how that feels. And so when he's with a woman Who can be so anchored
in her feminine energy, So connected to her heart that
she draws him into his heart In moments, it feels so good. It begins to balance his energy out. So while the first idea is to notice, Are you riding around in your
mind more or are you sourced In your heart, knowing that
you can move back and forth, But one's gonna be more
masculine, one's more feminine. The second is the
feminine energy is sourced In the present moment. Well, the masculine
energy is future moments. And so it correlates to the heart And the mind because masculine
energy being future moments, The mind wants to strategize. It wants to set goals. It wants to plan the future. It wants to move into those moments. When you're doing that, even
if it's planning vacations, When you step in and you plan the date

It puts you in the masculine sense Because you're leading in that moment. You're planning. You're visioning the way, and that's okay. But you want to know what
energy you're coming from, Where the feminine energy is
about enjoying the moment. It's about being present, being here now And fully soaking in and experiencing This moment to the fullest. And you and I want a balance
of actually both masculine And feminine energy to have a full life. How many people do you know
that are just so anchored In their masculine? They're all about getting the
goal, growing the business, Getting that million-dollar
mark or that 10 or 20 Or $50 million mark, publishing
the book, achieving this, Getting this number of
followers, and they're just, ah, About going after the goal. And what happens the moment
they get the goal, then what? They're onto the next goal And then the next goal,
like it's never enough. They're never satiated. They're never satisfied
having achieved that goal. And they never give themselves the ability To fully enjoy and to celebrate. If they do, it's like five minutes. Like, hey, amazing job
on that accomplishment. They're like, yeah, okay, what's next? And it's not that one's
bad and one's good. No. Both are required For being a fully activated
human in this planet. You want to be growing. You want to be pursuing something
that brings you aliveness.

It's in the growth where happiness occurs. But part of that growth is in recognizing And celebrating the moment that you're in. And this is what is phenomenal
about feminine energy. As the feminine energy
hits the pause button, The feminine energy grabs the masculine And says, look, look around. Look at that sunset. And she wraps, you'll wrap your
arms around him and you say, "Let's take in, soak in this sunset." And he's like, "Where are we gonna park? And where are we going? And da da da." And so, (laughs) you pause him And he takes a moment and
he takes a deep breath in And he has gratitude for this moment, And he just soaks it in
and it feels so life-giving And it feels so good to him. And he's like, wow. And then the value that
that feminine presence is For a masculine that drives,
that plans, that strategizes, It's always on the go. It's so much value. You watch people when they eat. Are they just about getting
the meal done? (muttering) Like they're trying to finish
it, or are they gonna stop And enjoy and soak it in
and like, wow, we're live, We're in the dream right now. You and I are above ground this day. You and I have been gifted
this beautiful day of life. We are here. Like, we're living this dream together. You are on a growth path today. That is beautiful, that is amazing.

And the more we can stop,
access this present moment Right here and right now and soak that in, The more you are amplifying
that beautiful, radiant, Amazing feminine energy, And the more your masculine
man is going to value And just appreciate that moment That you've helped him enjoy. And the third feminine
quality that's really easy To understand and practical
to apply is feminine energy Is inviting energy, While masculine energy is pursuing. The feminine energy will draw Unto itself, where the
masculine chases, pursues, And tries to get what
it is that it desires. There is a false myth out
there that feminine energy Is passive, inactive, or weak
or submissive or any of that. No, those are myths. That's not at all what feminine energy is. Feminine energy is incredibly powerful And can be incredibly proactive. You think about if you
wanna talk to somebody And you're either gonna
pursue or you're gonna pull, One of those two ways of
having someone come up to you, You can call someone
over to you with a look Or with a smile or by
waving them over to you, But it's whether you're pulling Or pushing this masculine or feminine, You can be massively proactive
in your feminine energy. And so one of the things That the masculine loves
is when the feminine, One of the ways it invites
is by stating a want Or a desire or a standard. It's an invitation. You know, you're texting a guy

And the difference is you saying, "Hey, we should go out on Friday night. We should go out this weekend. Why don't we go out to this place? I know of a great place." Right? That's more pushing energy versus pulling. It's the same action, but
masculine, versus you saying, "Hey, if you asked me out
for a date on Friday night, I wouldn't say no." And you're making a request. Or, "Hey, I would really
love to go out this weekend. Would you take me?" Same, being proactive, but just one With a feminine approach
versus a masculine approach. There's 100 different ways to be pilling In a proactive way. And what it does is it
creates an invitation, It creates an opening,
and actually it's almost Like a challenge to the masculine energy. It says, "Hey, I would love this thing. Can you provide this? Can you live up to this? I would love for you to take me out This weekend and go on a date. Or I would love to go
on this hike together, Or I would love to get
some sushi together. Can you provide this?" My wife did this. One of the ways you can
be pulling is simply Sharing your standards and
your boundaries on a date. On our first date, my wife and I, I went in for a kiss and
she was like, "Yo, big guy. I don't think so."

And there's a particular way I've shared In other videos that you
can actually speak this Without rejecting him. But ultimately what she said to me was, "I don't kiss on the first
date and I'm really looking For someone that I can be in
a committed relationship with. And I don't know if that's you. I don't know if you want
that, but I'm looking For someone that, and
we'll see where this goes." I remember looking at her and
at that point, I was right At a moment in my love life
where I was dating casually. I had been doing that for a while. I was enjoying that process, but long term I wanted to find the love of my life. And I was right at that
moment where I'm like, "Hmm, maybe now could be the time. Maybe I could be that guy for you. Maybe I could give you what you wanted." And so she laid out her standard like, "I'm not gonna kiss on the first date, But I wanted to grow something
special with somebody." And I thought to myself,
"Maybe I could be that guy. Maybe I could step into that." And we started dating and
connecting and fell in love. And ultimately we became
that for each other. And so as you share your
standards and boundaries It's incredibly powerful. And that's exactly what
Sharon did with Mark. Sharon began to move from
her head into her heart. Sharon began to experience
the present moment. Sharon made invitations to Mark
in a beautiful feminine way. No pressure, no nagging, just feminine. Like, "Hey, this is what I would love." And Mark, woo, he leapt at it.

He jumped in and he started
seizing the moments with Sharon And they created a beautiful
romance that ultimately Very recently culminated
in this moment right here. Check this out. – [Mark] Look at it. (Sharon laughs)
(Mark talks off-mic) – [Sharon] I am going to die. (Sharon screams) (crowd screaming and clapping) – [Woman] Wow, that was fast. Oh my God! Oh my God. That was so cool. Oh my God. (crowd cheering) – It's beautiful, thank you. (crowd cheering and clapping) Oh my God. Oh my God. Is someone getting that? – [Woman] Yes. Oh my gosh. Wow. – [Mark] Once again, you taught me. – Now let me remind you,
that is with a woman Who thought she would never find the love Of her life, who felt Like her standards were too
high, she was too masculine. She was never gonna create that result. And here she is living her dream. And that same thing is
possible for you as well. I call these the three
feminine amplifiers, is to move From your head down into your
heart, take a deep breath in, And just feel the present moment,

And then make your request. Speak what it is that you would want. And the masculine energy is
gonna gravitate towards that. And your amazing masculine
man is gonna be drawn to you. So my question for you
is, what have you found As a really great practice to
amplify your feminine energy? Go ahead and post that comment below. I believe in you. Thanks for watching. And I'll see you soon. (upbeat music)

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