The #1 Flirting Mistake When Talking to a Hot Guy

[Music] Foreign We have a question in from Amber who Says hi jams gotta say I absolutely Adored a podcast listening to you all Gives me hope positivity and makes me Excited about dating my question for you Today is something I’ve always struggled With and that is talking to approaching And or flirting with attractive men I am Extremely outgoing friendly person who Talks to strangers all the time however When around an attractive single man I Tend to freeze up like a shy introvert I Would love the confidence of a woman who Knows what they want and goes after it However in public bars concerts parties Etc I never have the guts to flirt or Approach an attractive stranger I’m Worried about coming off too strong too Obvious that I’m interested and almost Put too much pressure on the situation Leaving me not doing anything how can I Shake this fear and allow myself to be Open to striking up conversation with a Man who I find attractive thanks for all Your work Amber so Amber the quick piece Of advice I’m going to give you on this Is you’re beginning too much with the End in mind you’re thinking that you’re Already Overwhelming Yourself by thinking that I Have to go over to someone that I find Really attractive have a great

Conversation Flirt with them make them want me Exchange details and have it go Somewhere and that would be enough to Intimidate anybody I want you to turn Your hope or your expectation about what You’d like to happen into just a Complete Non-expectant curiosity That I am going to be I am just going to go into social Situations with a sense of curiosity That anything can happen And I’m not going to try to go in Thinking I have to seduce this person I’m gonna go in thinking I wonder where tonight will lead I Wonder who I might meet And one of the ways to do that is just To go in and warm yourself up When we think too much we’re in our Heads and we’re not actually warming up Our muscles our social muscles go in and Just talk to people talk to everyone Talk to anybody don’t discriminate don’t If they work they’re great if they don’t Work they’re great are they a man are They a woman doesn’t matter just go and Talk to people be a bit more of a kind Of butterfly with that that initial Energy of just you’re open you’re a People lover you just like people and so You’re just going to say hi to people

And and you’re just going to take little Moments to connect and if they go Nowhere they go nowhere if you cheers Someone and it goes nowhere it goes Nowhere if you tell someone you like Something they’re wearing then and and That’s all it is they say thank you and That’s the end of that interaction great That was the end of that interaction So two big things one warm up don’t go In there and sit there hanging around Occasionally staring at the person you Find really attractive and building up The moment where you go over and talk to Them that’s a recipe for doing nothing Warm up by talking to lots of different People and then When you are talking to people you find Attractive instead of having any kind of Expectation around where it’s going to Go Just imagine that even if I can even if I connect with this person for five Seconds to tell them that I like Something they’re wearing I’m gonna let It be just that and I’m going to have no Expectation there can be no rejection if All I’m doing is being a sociable human Being And and let me just start there and see Where it goes because just the pot that What that means is there’s the Possibility that something will happen What you’re doing right now where you

Don’t do anything means there’s no Possibility By doing what I’m saying the world opens Up does it mean that something will Happen tonight no does it mean that that Person is going to have an amazing Positive reaction and you’re going to End up talking no doesn’t mean any of That But you’ve lowered the stakes and you’ve At least opened the door to possibility And the rejection that you’re so worried About can’t come to you when all you’re Doing is being a sociable human being Not someone who’s going in with a very Specific result in mind when you talk to Someone you think is attractive I think The problem is perfectly epitomized by This part of a question where she says I Would love the confidence of a woman who Knows what they want and goes after it That is I guess what some people think Of confidence as but that’s not really What confidence is right like the people That are really confident they don’t Have so much intent about this one thing It’s usually that no matter what happens They’re going to be fine so this this Massive amount of intent Amber that You’re putting into this interaction Just remove that completely and do what Matt says and just have a mild curiosity And know that you’re going to be fine Whatever like you just remove any of

That true wanting that you that you Think you’re supposed to have here Imagine them in their underwear Don’t don’t do that like in public Speaking That doesn’t work in attraction it does Not work it doesn’t work with a sexy Person who you’re already nervous about Okay sorry Wait I know that cat videos are Beckoning you I do I understand but Before you go and watch them I have Something that will change your life More than those kittens and it is a free Video on what you can text someone to Make it go in a serious Direction Instead of some mindless Sexual frivolity to get this video for Free go to what to I’m Going there right now

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