The 5 Things Men WISH Women KNEW ABOUT THEM!

Five things men wish women knew in this Video you will discover some myths that You may want to break through that Actually like how a man feels what he Really desires and it may be the Complete opposite of what you really Think you see when my husband and I did Our Live Events back in the day like we Actually discovered that men wanted very Similar things than what the women Wanted as well so we’re going to tap on Five today that will leave you probably Surprised uh probably more in inquiry as Well now of course what happens is when You actually break through those myths You are out of the side more vulnerable Right you’re also sudden more available To the man right because you trust him More you feel like you actually have More in common than you think and that Of course happened To many of my clients who finally were Able to open up to them to the man right Of course to themselves as well like Actually admitting what they felt Emotionally and not only attract white Men for them into their life but also Keep him Now I’m at your Boyd funnel creator of The magnetized demand method and for Over a decade my husband and I have been Helping financially successful women all Over the world to attract the right man To have a loving long-term and committed

Relationship fast now of course make Sure to leave a like below and also Subscribe hit the bell for more juicy Trainings like this and lastly chefs Training with a girlfriend or two I Always say sharing is caring and like Really think about like who could really Benefit from those powerful dating and Relationship tricks and even secrets so Let’s go ahead and dive right into the Five things men wish women knew number Five And I think this doesn’t come to a Surprise men are sometimes quote unquote Enmity right they’re not feeling or Thinking anything so you may visualize Yourself driving next to him in the car And you’re like what are you thinking And he said nothing And you are thinking what is he holding Back from me right like he doesn’t trust Me he doesn’t love me right he’s not Open he’s literally not feeling anything Literally like yesterday I asked my Husband like no just be like really Honest with me right is there like Moments where you’re literally just Empty where you’re not thinking anything Where you’re not feeling anything and He’s like yeah totally absolutely right And part of the reason is from a Evolutionary standpoint men are more Designed especially the more masculine They are to empty out right they’re

Moving more towards completing something Completion and the completion of course Man means the end of fullness right so Therefore emptying out right Um finishing the cycle however the Feminine is then doing the opposite and Filling up so we want to fill up and We’re like we can’t imagine like what do You mean like you’re not you’re not Filled up you know what I mean you’re Like what do you mean you’re emptied out Right like what do you mean you’re not You’re not enjoying the moment so like Leave your man Like believe him when he says he’s not Thinking or feeling about anything and Don’t pressure him to say something That that is actually not true you know What I mean that’s not how he really Feels and you’ll see that he’s going to Open up to you in many other ways and Surprises you in ways that you didn’t Even expect Now this is also a common myth right Like men are afraid of commitment now That maybe because you have a plethora Of girlfriends or neighbors or also like In culture right like you get sort of Like this man um you know if you look at The chick um chick flicks right like men Are like afraid of commitment right They’re sort of players or you know they Don’t want to be emotionally vulnerable And honestly what we’ve seen when we did

Our life workshops is nothing could be Further from the truth right like Actually we had a man panel and a women Panel but in the main panel it actually Turned out that meant very much we’re Looking forward to commitment Now you also see that in some of the Reality TV shows such as Married at First Sight Love is Blind dating around Now if you’ve never heard of those shows Before I highly recommend turning on Your Netflix turning on your TV and Watch some of those episodes because you Actually see well wait a minute it Actually takes to the Tango Nest Actually very much men who are talking About kids who actually want a family Right I remember this one guy on uh love Is blind and sorry not love is blind um Married at First Sight and he actually Had on his vision board right he wanted A commitment he wanted the twins now it Ended up not being with that woman that He was on the show with Um sorry spoiler alert if you have if You’re watching that season right now Um but he ends up actually with a one of The relationship therapists that are Working backstage and of course he has a Twin so you know so you really see men Are not afraid of commitment you know I Can also say like one of my clients Right now you know attracted this Incredible man into her life who just

Like was the first one to commit to her And not from a place of anxiety but Actually from a place of security from Like I know what I want you know I Pursue you I cherish you like the queen That you are because I know that I’m the King I I know that’s who I know to be Right I know that I’m an alignment I Know that I’m an integrity So that’s something for you to break Through once and for all Number three is men need their cave time Now I want to really say cave time Because it really brings down a point Right it really drives down the point That it’s it’s really again it’s very Evolutionary it’s very primal You see if you want to have a man who’s Very masculine you encounter a primal Part of him right that’s just the truth And so men this like Nita cavetown with Their friends you know play watching you Know football where whatever it is right Or just have a a glass of beer or Whatever it is right but like they have To have sort of like this this Competition the more masks are now right Like this sort of competitiveness that Just kind of like that body energy that You wouldn’t want to want to be around Like you don’t you wouldn’t really enjoy Yourself you wouldn’t really feel like a Lady Um

Being around that right and the cool Thing is like if you give your man that Cave time he is going to be even more Excited to pursue you right and that’s Also what I found too now with my Husband personally he calls that sitting In the trees right so he loves us alone Time now we knew this when we got Married he actually said Um you know his biggest fear was to be Trapped and that was perfect because in Our wedding vows we actually said with This ring I said you free right and what That meant is like this part of you that Needs to Cave time will always get Attention right I’ll always make sure no Matter what no matter if like if we’re Stressed if we’re busy I won’t have kids All those things right like I always Make sure you’ll have your space so you Can fill your tank up again right and And this is a lot of things that’s also That’s what my women started to Understand when they were dating men Especially when they’re more anxious the Women right and they were like you know What like he just wants after cave time Because he doesn’t like me or that means Here he’s losing interest or that means You know I’m not that fascinating to him No nothing could be foreign it doesn’t Even matter if it’s like Cindy Crawford Or Jennifer Aniston or whoever right Like it has nothing to do with the need

That the man needs Cape time now and the Other piece also is he’s gonna just be So much happier right do you want to Have like a you know a husband a partner A boyfriend who just kind of like is Just there and like yeah whatever you Know and this kind of tolerates it or Like maybe you had a family function And say hey babe you know I know you Want some cave time like why don’t you Go on a walk by yourself in the woods You know and I’ll see you for dinner Right and he will love you for that Right because he wants to make you happy And of course he wants to respect your Friends and your family and everyone Right and he oftentimes can’t forget That part now what sometimes happens and I see this when women actually then Reach that level where when where the Where the marriage doesn’t bring up Divorce it’s actually when we look at That that part that needs the cave time Which is the wild man it’s an energy It’s an archetype inside of the man If the if that gets neglected at some Point it’s going to come out right but Then it’s already way too late because The wild man has been starving and has Not gotten any attention for years Because maybe the wife is like really Um anxious or maybe she’s very like Clingy maybe she’s very insecure and Look I don’t even say that insecurity

It’s necessarily a bad thing right it’s More about like how are you dealing with Insecurity like what is your Relationship with insecurity like I Actually love insecurity because it’s Openness is availability it’s femininity Vulnerability rawness realness all of Those things so I love it right But don’t don’t use the Distortion of um Insecurity meaning like putting this all Onto your man Right and being like no you have to stay Home and you know you can’t go out no if The guys have like one woman with them Then like you can go and or no you can’t Hang out with your buddies because then I don’t know if you’re gonna like me Again look you have to understand that In a relationship It’s like one of the most important Points you can tell in a relationship There needs to be room for closeness and For space right and the trust actually Comes from the man coming back to you After he had space Like you actually don’t know like There’s actually no space there’s Actually still like a lot of fear if you Don’t let him do his thing because you Don’t know if he would come back So you try to control him and to hold on To His behavior how he’s supposed to be Number two also this is also really

Interesting I learned that actually in a Um situation where A dating ship Um when I was 21 and that is men value Compliments now back in the day I was Actually dating a guy who was like you Know really handsome and like all the Girls were after him and all those Things right like you know he was Probably a player I think he said he was A player before he met me And so I never really made him Compliments because I was like he you Know whatever it doesn’t really matter Like he already knows he’s already full Of himself and at some point he actually Came up to me and he’s like you know I You never make me a compliment you know What I mean like I’ll tell you like that You’re beautiful I tell you that you’re Attractive Boy tell you blah blah And but like and I was shocked I’m like Really You know and you know so men have we Could have put an ego too right men want To feel appreciated too that one also Know that they’re doing a good job or You know what I mean that you like the Haircut you know my husband he just came Back last week got his haircut And he asked me if I like it I think man Like if they love you you it put us Important to them now if they’re not Liking you then they don’t care about it

Right but if they’re actually close to You they actually want to feel that Support right like yeah hey babe you Look amazing I love that trust you Actually I prefer the green one over the Purple one right and like they just love The compliments you know I love like how You wear your beard or you know I love Whatever whatever it is um it doesn’t Have to be necessary looks by the way Um could be something to the unrelated Right but it’s it says like you know You’re present with him And you actually also unconsciously Building him up right so I would say Build like we’re having sort of the Build-A-Bear Workshop in the US and it’s Like build build a man right like as a Woman we’re building up our man now of Course that only works if there’s a Two-way street that remains to be unset Right so of course the men will do the Same as well but we women forget that Sometimes you know to really build up Our men and make him compliments as well And this one is super important number One men feel lost sometimes you see men Are so expected right to have all the Answers to be the problem solvers right To be all the end world to know the Directions to know how to read a map to Know how to get to the destination and So on by what they would love to know Let you know it’s like they they don’t

Always have the answers they don’t And part of the reason why is because we Have those six energies inside of Ourselves right women have it inside of Themselves men have it inside of Themselves and so You know maybe he’s like you know what I’m a really good worker and I I’m a Really good you know let’s say lover Right but like you don’t I just don’t Really know how to access my uh what we Call the magician and I feel kind of Lost right now I don’t really know what My purpose is right so there has to be Space in the relationship for men to be Vulnerable to that extent and that’s What I’ve also seen with my clients is When they were actually dating and they Gave a man the space meaning there was No judgment there was no criticism that Was actually compassion when the man Made a mistake You see feeling lost can sometimes feel Just like making a mistake like just I Don’t I had I actually don’t know how to Solve this problem right now like I told I said something I shouldn’t have said You know I made a joke where I wasn’t I Should have not done that that was Condescending that was rude that was Disrespectful right or you know um Whatever the case may be something that Clashes with your values So men feel lost sometimes they’re not

They’re not rehearse they’re not perfect Um they’re not saying everything Intentionally right they’re not present 100 of the time and by the way neither Are we So that’s something to understand so Give your man some space to feel us to Not have the answer to not know what to Say next even on a date you know like he Doesn’t have to be the life of a party He doesn’t have to you know that’s the Speed of we women sometimes have that When you go on a date especially if You’re more of an anxious attachment Style and then there’s space That that means oh that means he doesn’t Like me oh dude the conversation doesn’t Drop that could just be that he feels Lost right now and can we be in that Space It’s the same with you right if you Don’t if you feel lost Because maybe in that moment you don’t Really know what to say or maybe you Freeze because you’re actually excited To be in his presence I mean it’s the Same is true for him so what would the World be like particularly dating life If you were to allow a man to feel lost Sometimes Now before I share my bonus leave a Comment and a review of what you’re most Liking from this content so far what Resonates for you and what you would

Like to add to the conversation to the Party now along the same lines for those Of you who said until the very end thank You very much the bonuses he feels Powerless this is actually also really Cool because so what happens is We need to have room to be all of who we Are right not just like oh I saw he’s so Charismatic I’m just thinking right now I’m just watching the show love is blind And that’s all this projection right Like he’s so handsome and he’s so Successful and he’s so well spoken he’s So funny and so entertaining and Everybody loves him and You know it’s like he’s so powerful Right and then if there’s no room for Him to be powerless That actually becomes codependent Right because they’re really saying well You have to be the powerful one every Single time like I can never hold down The fort Now that’s not a partnership right That’s like very one-sided it’s very Lopsided And that’s oftentimes where things Essentially hit a plateau Because the woman is like so scared to Um maybe also allow herself to feel her Powerlessness Or maybe she grew up in an environment Like say an atmosphere of victimhood I See that sometimes my women let’s say

You had a narcissistic parent and a Narcissistic parent was of covert was Overt right so they could love to Collapse into the victim poor me you Know get sick every other week other Things things happen pseudosomatic stuff And So that was just like powerlessness I Can’t do anything about it victimhood And so then that particular woman Is actually very much You know resisting stepping into Power Because she’s so used to like getting All this attention somebody who’s Collapsing all the time gets the Attention so then if they’re out of the Sense step into the power their power Take ownership say okay I’m gonna go to The gym you know what I mean I am gonna Apologize you know what I mean um I am Taking accountability for this it feels So strange to them Because that’s not what they experience In their childhood now this is very Unconscious but maybe you can ask Yourself too you know like where what’s Your story with powerlessness however if You allow a man to feel powerless It’s like it’s it’s everything right Because that actually means he’s Completely emotionally safe in the Relationship and he will give you the Kingdom Now

So many women who come to me have tried Online dating therapy matchmaking to get The love they want but nothing seems to Work for them And if that’s you You’ve tried it all Bumble hint all the things take our free Magnetizing Mind Quest to attract the Right man for you into your life hop on Over to m y m or simply click the link in the Description below lots of love to you Ladies and I will talk to you in the Next video bye

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