“When A Man Cheats On A Woman” – Priya Malik | Out Of Love | UnErase Poetry

"When A Man Cheats On A Woman" - Priya Malik | Out Of Love | UnErase Poetry

When a woman is in love she will be a Best friend out of love and also your Worst enemy when she is out of love Egremont Schanke lolly cat regularly Peterman sake our jogger mera Hadouken Calivita Vincenti [Music] When a man cheats on a woman she knows She knows that she is loving someone Who’s already been loved she knows that She is caring for someone who’s already Been taken care of she knows that she is Cooking for someone who’s already had Dinner Washed his hands and gone to sleep when A man cheats on a woman she knows who Pay the fight the exactly whiskey Chipped in a circle busca hot quiche When we escape Nevada OS ki kahani o Miios cactus America Vidal may verify Dixon vas imagine it Kehaar on cheek Here Hana Serena Haruki Sasha rihana Serena Serena he That she forgives of forgets our flour Our fights since she is our frog you Kiss a rue de pinna in her favor ficus Illa ma Phyu kuiba it’s a one of thing Mouth guard OCR for Serena he gives Kokujin al-kafi pooja see and move on or Of La Serena heat you see Lana you Scored as you per path cards This time you are out of love but is she Because when a man cheats on a woman she Knows she knows that when a home breaks

It shatters within two million hopes and Dreams to make peace to create war to Not let go of anything without leaving Her claw marks on the seams and through All this hell she also knows that this Is her unraveling herself she knows that This infidelity is a learning path she Knows that it is a path to healing her Old self she knows it is a part of Finding who she had lost within her Heart she knows when a man cheats on a Woman she knows that she can either Forgive forget a fight but what will she Choose to do what should she choose to Do will she do it out of love or will She be out of love trust me only she Knows Hi everyone tell us what do you think Dr. miracle will do in the comments Section below and make sure that you Also do check out the show it’s Streaming now exclusively on hot star VIP

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