When A Man Is USING A Woman, He’ll Do THESE 10 Things…

When A Man Is USING A Woman, He'll Do THESE 10 Things...

When a man is using a woman he will do These 10 things hey I'm Auntie Boyd Magnetizing an expert and married to my Incredible husband Brody for eight years So let's go ahead and dive right into The 10 things the man will do when he's Using you number 10 is You're simply not A priority so if you notice that Everything has priority right like the Kids that haven't gone to school like You know to her to college yes right or You know what I mean like a pet uh a House that hasn't been sold yet right he Still has to go for his divorce you know He still has to think about his life I Always say it's like the I need to wash My hamster's hair syndrome and what I Mean by that is It's simply a lame excuse right like You're just simply not a priority Everything else has more priority right I was also just recently talking with a Client of mine and she was you know she Was talking to the sky and clearly I Mean he has like 18 hour work days Clearly work is his priority so she's Not his priority right and so when That's the case Um you will you want to steal clear of That now what you want to do instead you Want to actually become a priority Because you have to ask yourself why am I attracting men into my life who are Simply not making me feel like a

Priority right like what does my love Blueprint say about me being a priority For example if you had an emotionally Unavailable parent or a God forbid even A narcissistic slash abusive parent then There's a very low slow uh chance that You actually learn to be a priority to Have actually true significance and Importance in someone's life you you Were rather told that you're a burden That you will never count to anything You were encouraged to dim your light And that of course will attract men into Your life who are not making your Priority so what you want to do is you Want to actually get to understand like What is your love pattern right and then Also of course heal it number nine is Um the same thing okay number eight is He says he doesn't want a relationship And this is really interesting I just Heard a woman actually share that and She literally said like he said you know I don't want a relationship but um but I'm still gonna hang out with you you Know I still want to be you know what I Mean like we can still see each other And I just don't want you to use that Word relationship you know it puts a lot Of pressure on me and I just got out of My marriage two years ago and so on Right so in other words you want to use Her right you know you want to use her Probably for sex you know or um to get

Your ego boosted or to you know fill the Time right but like you know when we Want a relationship you know so if he Says that by the way believe him because One thing that I see women do over and Over again is someone who man says that She'll be like yeah yeah yeah yeah he Doesn't want that right now he'll change His mind and there's this funny joke Right which goes like this men marry Women and hoping that will never change And Women Marry men hoping that they Will change now do yourself a favor and Really accept that a man will most Likely not change at least not on your Court but if anything on his Accord Right and so if he says he doesn't want A relationship he doesn't want a Relationship that's something you can do To seduce him into it to turn yourself Into a pretzer oh if he really gets to Know me then he'll see that he will want A relationship you know when I talk to Women it's very clear from the get-go That the man didn't want a relationship And oftentimes even spelled it out so I Always say if a man tells you he doesn't Want a relationship he probably doesn't Want one now what you of course want to Do in order to see why would I attract a Man who doesn't want a relationship is Asking yourself well unconsciously I Know consciously obso you want a Relationship because you're watching

This video right now but unconsciously Where do I not want a relationship You know what I mean where do I want to Keep myself Protected safe I don't want to get hurt Again I don't want to get disappointed Again right maybe I learned in my Childhood my love blueprint is actually Um that it's like love means distance You know or love means you you're not It's not necessarily committed you know What I mean or love means Um you're always the one who's like Yearning you know and always looking at The man dangling the proverbial carrot In front of your nose right and so again You want to hear that that love Blueprint that love pattern so either Breakthrough so that you no longer Attract men into your life who don't Want a relationship but rather men who Do want a relationship number seven he Is wishy washy right one day he's really Excited he's texting you know three four Five times a day the next day not at all Crickets and by the way when he Reappears there's usually no Acknowledgment that he was gone you know It's crazy I see this sometimes with my Women because my program you can Actually send me screenshots of text Messages and conversations so when There's some videos text messages it's Crazy how so little acknowledgment from

The man when he was gone for like a week Two weeks you know what I mean it pops Up oh hey babe how are you how's the Week been you know so he's kind of Wishy-washy right he's like kind of like Oh yeah I would love to go on a trip oh Let me think about it you know I'm not Quite sure about it you know and so That's kind of like this in and out and It's hot and cold and one day he's like Super passionate about you maybe comes Over you guys have like uh you know like Wonderful physical sex sexy time so to Say Um but then the next day like he's just Like nowhere to be found or the language In his text was just rather cold and Distance and dismissive right so it Feels like wishy-washy you know there's A really high chance that he is using You and of course what I would tell you Is like how can you stop attracting what You're watching this into your life stop Being wishy-washy yourself now one thing That I see when I talk to women is that When I say hey so how committed are you To making this a reality Um into you know working yourself Putting your suffers I'm like yeah you Know maybe level eight you know I'm like Okay you're not a level ten but you want The mat to be level 10 right because if A man is in congruent is congruent and Aligned connected true to himself in its

Integrity right he is committed a level 10. so he will not go for a woman who's Committed at a level eight it's very That simple but guess what who's gonna Go for women who's committed at level Eight a level eight I wish she was a man A man who has the back door open a man Who doesn't really trust intimacy and he Doesn't really trust Um love you know who doesn't really Trust his emotions so if you want to Change that you gotta actually break Through your fears that keep you from Being committed at a level 10. now Number six is he doesn't take you out on Dates I mean look it's really that simple you Know I mean and I see women do this you Know it's like heartbreaking stop doing This like if the man is not taking you On dates he is not interested I don't Care how many times he texts you and how Wonderful he says you are and how many Photos he sends you and texts you and How many times you Face Time right if he Doesn't take you out on dates or you Always just hanging out with friends Right but there's no real like Commitment that's not real language There's no real like alone time like He's not really that interested in you But when a man is truly interested in You he will take you on on days I mean Let's just know that about it you know

What I mean he will want to be have this Alone time have this romantic time have This intimate time has his private time With you to get to know you better to Connect more with you right he wants to Share all the time that he has with you Of course outside of his purpose that he Has on this planet right so if he Doesn't do that he's not interested in You so again if you're attracting this Kind of men into your life especially if That happens over over again you ought To you ask yourself why am I attracting This into my life right and part of the Reason is again you know where do you Turn yourself into a pretzel where are You dimming your needs where you're not Expressing your needs where do you let Everyone else walk all over you right Where do you not have opinions where you Never focus on yourself right where are You focusing way too much on other People all of that will play into for You to break through that because when You do that you attract men into your Life who will want to take your day it's No doubt about it you don't have to Worry about it you know you don't have To think about it look women ask me all The time so I met this guy online and so How do I get him to talk with me in real Life or ideally how do I get him to ask Me out on a date instead of like texting Me and now he's moving from the dating

App to WhatsApp and you know and all the Things right so why is that happening Well it's because that's this part Inside of you where you communicate that You're not really stepping into your Value right that you're not valuing Yourself that you're not really setting The boundaries that you're expressing Your needs that you don't have high Standards because if you do have size Centers he has to step it up it's really That simple step up or step out Number five he's selfish now picture Yourself on a date Do you find yourself and you may have Even gone through a catalog Buffet of Dates that you have gone through over The years and he's just simply talking About himself you know he's talking About his life he's talking about his Car he's talking about his job he's Talking about his vacation he's Something selfish right or he just Orders what he wants but he doesn't ask You what do you want you know or you Know you say well I don't believe like This particular music but he plays it Anyways you know so it's very clear like It's really just himself you know what I Mean he's really and he does not just Healthy sense of self-rotation I call it But rather the distorted one But he's selfish and that means he Doesn't really care he's not really

Interested in you right if he's really Interested in you He will ask you questions he will be Inquisitive he will want to meet your Needs he will want to know how you feel Right if he doesn't do that He's not interested no Why you would attract a man into your Life who suffered well it's where you Are you not selfish right where you're Not selfish enough and you're making so Much space because you're in this people Please a mentality right where you're Giving all your power away because maybe You don't want to be considered Inconsiderate right you don't want to be Called Selfish maybe because you're an Artistic parent and that's why you don't Want to be an artistic and selfish like Your parent was but guess what as a Response to that you will attract men Into your life who are selfish Themselves right and the reason why is Because what you resist Persist so if you resist the Establishness inside of yourself then You will attract that into your life And number four he doesn't try to know You this goes in a very similar category Right he's like not interested in your Hobbies like you may even share things On a date you may even share things on The phone you know what I mean but he Just like doesn't ask any follow-up

Questions So you may be like oh you know what's my Grandma's birthday last weekend oh cool Oh I went to a golf tournament right he Doesn't he's not interested you know What I mean Um you know he doesn't he doesn't try to Go deeper with you and he's not really Interested in like anything you do about Your life and whenever you talk about Your life he turns it back to himself Right you know you talk about oh wait You know uh my company just had this Like you know this whatever this this Picnic or whatever and then he'll say oh You know I just went on a pickley last Week too yes I'm gonna my favorite Picnic was when I was in Thailand you Know and I was on this mountain and it's All about him right and the capacity he Doesn't have capacity it's that's a Piece right you have to understand right When a man is using you he doesn't have Capacity to listen he doesn't have Capacity he's not interested right he Does a very low capacity to be present With other people But he is very needy of attention and so That's why he talks about himself so That he can fill himself up by you Listening to him Now again why would you track that into Your life because you're not that Interested into your own life maybe you

Are too focused on dating you're too Focused on other men but you're entering Other people's realities uh meaning like Their lives way too much that you think About their lives you think about how Their conversation went you know Um what happened with this uh offer that The friend might own a house or what Happened right and it is because your Nervous system is so trained to focus Outward and what we want to do what We're learning right when you heal your Love blueprint is by focusing on Yourself actually warming The receptors Up inside of yourself That help you to receive That help you to actually focus on Yourself asking yourself questions Mulling over questions in your own life Like making yourself a priority in your Own life and then guess what the quality Of men that you trapped into your life Is directly proportional to the Relationship you have to yourself so if You focus on yourself guess what you Attract men into your life who have Extremely interested and attracted and Inquisitive to you as well Now another size number three he doesn't Share his true self with you so do you Feel like he was kind of a mask he's Kind of going to pretense mode like he Kind of you kind of meet more like like Like a representative of him right he

Doesn't really share true self You don't really know how he feels he Keeps things on the surface he doesn't Really want to go deep And if you actually challenge him to do That you know he'll be like I don't Really want to go all that I'm not I'm Good I'm fine you know what I mean Whatever let's just have fun you know Let's have sex or whatever you know what I mean but he doesn't really want to Share his true self with you he's not Really vulnerable with you so you'll Notice like he'll never share something That's vulnerable or that's like Open-hearted right Um and I also never say anything of Course that he's embarrassed about right Um he'll never really share his true Thoughts but rather you you know what he Noticed with this guy it's just Everything is just really like sort of On the surface you know how I noticed That is when my women sent me Screenshots it's just it's just banter But it's like it stays in the banter Zone it's fine when you banter as part Of like the quoting process right but You also want to go deep I want to have A feeling like who is this guy what does He care about what does he value right If you can answer any of these questions That's really a chance that he's using You because he's staying on the surface

He he came in things surface level he Doesn't want to get attached to him he Doesn't want to get attached to you he Doesn't want to you know cause like any False expectations so I guess that's a Positive thanks very much and again why Would you not track the man to your life Which doesn't show his true self is Because you're not showing your true Self look when women come to me usually Highly successful what happens is They're very strongly in their masculine Self now that no they know how to Represent themselves very well you know How to dress well they know how to talk Well they know how to get the job done Right however they're not really like That so skilled in like actually opening Up vulnerably what they actually scared Out of their mind they're terrified to Be vulnerable and oftentimes that's the Case because they come from a Narcissistic and abusive emotionally Unavailable background and so the last Thing they want to do is feel powerless Is feel helpless right and then because Of that they don't show their true self They're lead with their best foot Forward all the time and guess what they Attract men into their life who do the Same in return don't believe me there's A really great great reality TV show out There it's more documentary which is Called dating around now one of the

Seasons I want to say one or two I Forgot which one it was but I think it's Where the woman goes on all the dates so You'll see Um you'll see how she goes sort of like In this whole like just normal like Representative mode pattern how do you Know that just she's just asking Questions to go for emotions she's Asking oh where are you from oh I'm from Oh I went to Harvard too oh yeah oh yeah I love that team too right so you're Kind of like fishing for common ground But you just kind of go into the motions And it's interesting because he shows up Like totally open but the moment he Realizes that she's like coming from This place where she's wearing this mask Right this representative he's like oh We're in performance mode okay let me Perform right then he goes into Performance mode as well right and just Keeps things on the surface and what you Want to do instead is you want to Actually share things that maybe you Don't necessarily want to share maybe It's something like hey if you really Knew me you would know that And I'd fill in the blank true story That's my husband and I used to do this Exercise at our live events and women And men actually have like amazing Breakthroughs right because it forced Them to be like who am I who am I really

Right and it really invited men in to be Like more open and they were more Attracted to women than normally would Be number two He doesn't introduce you to his people And he also doesn't try to meet your People look he's simply not interested In your Social Circle he's simply not Interested in Um you know what I mean he doesn't want His friends to potentially like you Because if they're like you then they May be loyal towards you and if they're Loyal towards you and I've seen this With clients right where the friends Actually told her hey he's he's cheating You know what I mean like he's hanging Out with someone else like so the guy Doesn't want to do that so he doesn't Introduce you to his people right or he Doesn't want to get pressure from his People and say hey this is an amazing Woman what are you doing dude like why Are you treating her like you know You're so ungrateful you know why do you Treat her like a doormat and you don't Value her at all and he also doesn't try To meet your people because he's afraid That for example they see right through It you know what I mean and he can't Hold his facade up and they're going to Ask him the hard questions and and and And and then we actually like oh like no He's like not in for the photo right

Reasons so to say as I say in The Bachelor right he's not here for the Right reasons so he doesn't want people To really see him for what he really Does for his agenda so he doesn't do That right and so of course like if you Want to be a priority in his life the Same applies again is putting yourself First now I think one of them most Disrespectful things that a man can do When he's using you that he openly Flirts of other women now look nothing Screams friend zone louder than flirting With other women but it's also so Disrespectful it means I have like Literally no regard for your emotions Right it's it's like almost cruel you Know what I mean it's almost like Heartless right and you can really see It's almost like saying I'm testing you Like how much can I disrespect you until You finally pull the trigger and and and Say I'm out of here you know what I mean And so that's like something you want to Actually have Like let go off you know that he Like like when he flirts of other women He's really it I mean I guess it doesn't Get any worse than that right because Like you like I hope you're not you're Not there anymore when he flirt with a Lot of women but you've walked up the Direction because like how do you talk To yourself if you flirt to other women

Like you're just like oh it's probably Nothing or you know he's gonna pay Attention to me again or you know um I Experienced that once when I was dating This guy was constantly flirting with Other women you know what I did I Started flirting with them I ended up making out with one you know And then it ended up until massive drama Right but it doesn't matter but like it Was very clear like look he's not really That interested in me you know what I Mean Um and then he sort of lost and whatever Whatever lots of games and whatever Um but the point is Like he's not he's not interested in you Right so why would he do that because You have devalued yourself to such an Extent that he would attract a man into Your life who would disrespect you to Such a level so this this odd for you to Be an invitation to actually do a true Soul dive on where are you disrespecting Yourself right where do you let people Walk all over you Stop it put yourself first Unapologetically express your needs Shine Your unique light right and you Will not attract those men into your Life I promise that to your girlfriend And finally for those of you who stayed Until the very end is my bonus which is He contacts you only when he has an

Agenda so I have some clients who I work With their doctors right and so they Have a lot of knowledge so the man is Like you know hey hey how are you you Know hey so I had to like injury with my Knee and so what do you think what Medication can I take there right and so They're being like flat out taken Advantage of you know Um or you know the man knows that she's Making like several hundred thousands of Dollars a year right and then you know She gets to carry the relationship right And he I don't know goes gets to go back To school gets to follow his passion Gets to do his thing play golf hang out With his friends you know and she's like Wait are you sugar mama like what is Happening you know what I mean so if you Have a man like this who loves you Conditionally right so you only get the Attention when you perform that's coming Clearly from it childhood so where have You experienced that where have you had A mom a dad who gave you tons of Praise When you got that a when you won that Award when you when you made the team Right and how you actually gonna heal That is the opposite now how do you heal That now because you stayed until the Very end I will tell you which I called The Sarah Blakely effect now Sarah Blake Is against him a billionaire as we know However what a lot of people don't know

Is how she got there when she was Growing up her dad was celebrating her When she didn't make the team when she Didn't get the a when she didn't get the Award right he really high-fived her and He congratulated her for playing outside Of her comfort zone and not making the Success the ultimate goal but rather Making the expansion and the growth the Evolution her ultimate goal that's why She's as successful as she is because She she increased her amazing using risk Tolerance right so you will not attract Men who are contacting you with an Agenda because you're like you know what Like I'm worthy no matter what even if I Don't perform right even if I'm not the Doctor even if I don't have the hundreds Of thousands of dollars right even if I Can't you know provide uh paying lunch And dinner for him or whatever it is Right I am innately lovable right and Men will make be beeline around you who Are looking for sugar mama who are Looking for mate nests that they can Move right into okay I hate us all the Time you know I mean I just had a call The other week performance and she's Like yeah no my ex is like still living With me I mean we're no longer dating And all those things Girlfriend let's have a reality check You know everybody talk about you know What I mean your ex is the living with

You you know what I mean like it's like It's you it's like I want you to really Practice looking yourself in the mirror Look at all the guys look at all the People where you're like it's my problem I have to solve it and look at him and Say not my problem That's not my problem don't figure it Out yourself You have your whole life to do that you Have resources to do that and I know That's heartless but I I really invite You to be a little bit more ruthless Because it helps you to break out of the People pleaser pattern now if you don't Know how to do that where to even start Take my free love quiz to bike at going To getlovequiz.com To uncover what your love pattern is or Simply click the link in my description As well and if you haven't watched Already when a man deeply loves you He'll start saying these five things so That's the opposite of what you watch Today uh and for that also click the Link in the description lots of love to You ladies and I will talk to you in the Next video bye bye

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