When a Woman Challenges a Man She Immediately Regrets it

when a woman challenges a man sh

When a woman challenges a man, she immediately regrets it Not to be that guy, but there are times when we understand why there are different divisions between men and women. We have made a video in the past that highlights females doing well against men titled “Girls vs Guys in Jiu Jitsu”, go ahead and give that one a watch, too!

Video Transcript

[Music] go keep fighting can I say stop [Music] women instantly regrets challenging man not to be that guy but there are times when we understand why there are different divisions between men and women we’ve made a video in the past that highlights females doing well against men titled girls versus guys in Jiu Jitsu go ahead and give that one a watch too however in this video we’ll look at instances where the females tried but did not succeed this isn’t to say that women aren’t capable of Performing well against the opposite sex but in these instances they just so happen to well they didn’t here are women instantly regretting challenging men UFC fighter versus a girl with a slight height Advantage did I say slight I meant to say severe the UFC fighter here is named Murad Wallace Willy he’s a bantamweight top 5 fighter and on an eight-fight winning streak in the UFC so yeah the dude can scrap the female here is Katarina cavaleva at six foot five and is one and one as a boxer she’s got everything that I a 510 man that’s too scared to compete once the two are seen lightly sparring marab is having a bit of fun and shoots in for a half-hearted takedown but is lifted up into the air perhaps higher than he’s ever been cavaleva shows off her kicking Savvy and her height as she playfully throws a few kicks that could have given Mara a haircut marib turns things up a bit though as he takes her down with ease I mean he’s a top tier UFC fighter so it’s not that wild that he’s able to send this skyscraper of a woman falling marab was a very good sport here but he showed that he’s pretty much Untouchable training too hard goes wrong so the girl here is training like she’s fighting she’s putting everything into her shots which is a not a good way to train and B leaves when susceptible to counter-strikes she eats a lead hook and a body shot which puts her down on the mat do you think she had this coming or could it possibly be the nature of the gym we can’t know for sure but she certainly looks dangerous mixed BJJ match is absolutely one-sided we heard this match was delayed because the two competitors couldn’t find their keys get it because they’re camo whatever you get it so here we see the man sporting a blue belt going against a female adversary rocking a red belt I’m not sure what a red belt is but Jiu Jitsu competitions often make someone wear a different belt so it’s easier to declare who gets points and who wins the match starts and this man’s chivalry was also wearing camouflage because it wasn’t seen okay no more camo jokes the man picks up the woman and slams her to the mat and earns himself two points slams usually aren’t allowed but this competition has an ursat’s feel to it so whatever he probably could have snuck in a weapon and been okay the original clip cuts from the man fishing for Mount to attacking an armbar so it’s safe to say that after a long and exhausting battle he earned the position he was looking for or he just got it immediately after whatever story you want to believe in but yeah our male competitor snatches that arm and begins to hyper extend it forcing the tap mix sparring shows levels to fighting we love some good kickboxing rounds for the original video the man is named Andre and the girl is Lena I could have those backwards but I’m Gonna Roll with the man being named Andre for now our girl Lena gets put into a corner and Andre lightly puts his hands to work she circles away but eats a few more shots for her trouble Lena shows that she’s got a decent striking Acumen but Andre is just a few steps ahead at all turns of this match he’s taking it light on her due to him being a bit more skilled and much more powerful but even as light strikes are effective Andre rips the body a few times and it seems to slow Lena down everything Lena has to offer is met with a more effective counter response the exchanges get a bit heavier as Lena tries to switch the game plan up performance she’s not having success going Tit for Tat with Andre so she tries to swarm him with punches unfortunately for her a few more body shots have her crumble back into a defensive position and makes her weary of attacking again if you’ve ever been hit pinpoint in the liver you know that even the lightest shot will have you wanting to hit the fetal position and take a nap Lena is tough as heck though and tries her best not to show she’s hurt but a poker face doesn’t cover her body language ultimately this was a great round of sparring probably painful but beneficial to both Andre and Lena another BJJ match who saw another camouflage Jiu Jitsu match coming not us not even the spectators I can go all day with the camouflage jokes once again the man is sporting the blue belt the woman in the red belt the blue belt goes for a knee tap and gets a grip on the ghee bottom which is legal in case you’re wondering he spins her out and takes her down Landing inside control the woman tries to use his momentum to roll out of the bottom position but she just gives up her back instead she had the right idea but without any grips or control this was a pivotal blunder as a huge Jujitsu fan and a one stripe white belt it’s a bit irritating watching a lot of this match the girl postures up a bit and the man just like lets her for some reason he can easily put the hooks in but he’s electing not to do so funny how if I were to wear that Camel it could be Stolen Valor but this man can wear a blue belt and there are no Reaper percussions I’ll get off my high horse now the girl breaks away from this position because he made it easy for her to do so [Applause] the man hits an outside trip and lands in Mount position he’s grapevinding her legs so that she can’t get a solid base and escape and I’ve just now realized that she’s wearing shoes I hate this tournament our girl here almost hits a hip bump Escape she was so close but simply overpowered once again the guy takes her back and things look promising he only has one hook in though so he loses position once again what are you doing position over submission my man after several more mistakes the man ends up in a lousy Turtle position as he tries to secure another takedown the woman fends off the takedown and ends up on top she gets the mount position and it looks like she’s hunting an Ezekiel choke she’s tired though and the man rolls her over with ease he takes her back and 30th tries a charm he sinks in the rear naked choke and forces the tap if you’re the guy watching I’m sorry for being critical of you I mean I didn’t mean it but if he’s not there just know that I stand by everything I said you know what else I stand by this Channel and so should you hit the like And subscribe buttons to show your support drop a comment down below and let us know what you think of these clips anything in particular you want to see next let us know down below Battle of the purple belts I love some slick Jiu Jitsu seen here as a male and female BJJ sparring session of course sparring and fighting are two different things but if you’re looking for men fighting women you may be on the wrong website this is a fairly even and respectful match but the one-pointed dominance in this role is when the male purple belt offsets his training partner with an attempted pendulum sweep he didn’t get the move that he was going for but he got the intended position task failed successfully he goes from s Mount to spiderweb beautifully as he attacks an arm he would have had it too but time ran out male versus female sparring what in the inter-gender fight Club is this somewhere in an ominous Castle’s even more ominous basement someone set up a bunch of dudes and chicks to glove up and go off on each other we’ve got a blonde girl going up against a man that’s obviously bigger than her but whatever you all can do your thing much like people don’t know how to fight they immediately go after each other nobody tried to make reads nobody tried to control distance and nobody even knows how to spell cardio they just slugged it out the girl eats this left hook about as gracefully as I eat on a 50 Cent corn dog day at Sonic the two go at it again in a battle of no technique she’s just eating whatever he throws and the man swinging like my cat when a dog irritates him the guy lands are dramatically slowed down 3-2 combination and drops his female adversary this show is called outside watch seems weird and it’s not my thing just mentioning it so they don’t copyright us stop mix sparring ends with a knockdown this is a fun little session things are fast but not powerful which is a great way to spar the female checks a kick and they both take a pause to acknowledge it really it’s the girl that’s having the most success early on however the man throws a body kick that sounded like a whip once again if you felt a perfectly placed shot to the liver you know the excruciating pain she was in an honorable mention goes to Pat Berry training with his fiancee Rose Nama units the two are Polar Opposites in terms of their sex and weight class but hey we love to watch some friendly training the two were doing an open workout type session where they had some fans media watching the whole thing while grappling Barry sweeps Rose and gets on top good technique but having over 100 pounds on her doesn’t help either very puts his entire weight on her and just kind of like starfishes her not sure what this technique is called but I’m gonna look into it he then gets a Kimura grip on Rose and slightly steals the show from her he’s a retired fighter that coaches her during her Championship Endeavors so maybe he just missed the cameras being on him a bit Nema you just gets up and gets revenge as she attacks Pat with the cleanest flying arm bar I’ve ever seen the whole thing was very playful and super fun to watch it obviously doesn’t fit the title but I threw it in here anyway because I’m Rose’s biggest fan for anyone that thinks they like rose more than me leave a comment down below and we can argue about it foreign that does it for this video which was your favorite entry do you want to see more videos like this let us know down below don’t forget to drop a like on the video if you know you like the video makes sense right hit the Subscribe button and click the Bell icon to make sure you never miss an upload until next time

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