Why A Man CHOOSES One Woman Over ANOTHER

Why A Man CHOOSES One Woman Over ANOTHER

Why A Man CHOOSES One Woman Over ANOTHER… In this dating, love, and relationship advice video, I will help you understand men better and explain why a man chooses one woman over another. Take heed to this dating advice for women and ensure you watch the entire video to understand why a man chooses one woman.

This video will help you discover the factors that influence a man’s decision to choose one woman over another. I want you to understand men better and how men behave in relationships. This dating advice will help you understand how men think so that you can enhance your dating experiences.

As a certified life coach, relationship coach, and dating coach, I want to make dating and relationships easier for you. I pray that you find this video helpful and that you can enjoy dating and have a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

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You know one of the most Difficult positions to be in Is when you
feel like as a woman That the man you were
dating or you were with Ends up choosing
another woman over you, okay. And it can
be extremely hurtful It can be discouraging
sometimes It can feel
depressing, all right. And it's
just a lot to take in Because you know,
there's so many things that Run through
your head like well, What made her better? What does she
do that I don't do? What does she
have that I don't have? You know this
is a lot of frustration And sometimes
feeling of inadequacy When this happens. Now, I want to
make clear right now that sometimes Many times being chosen Or having someone
being chosen over you Isn't this automatic
reflection of You not being good enough Or you not possessing value. You got to remember
that a lot of men Are not built to see
and embrace your value Because they're
not the guy for you. And in many
of these situations Though it feels hurtful Especially because it's in some ways
you may feel like This woman like
beats you so to speak I don't want you
to think that way but Sometimes that's what happens That's how you feel, right. It can be a tough pill
to swallow but it is not…

Again, I have
to say again it's not A reflection of your value. There may
be so many other reasons going on As to why this happened So it's important that
we do not internalize These types of situations And we don't allow it to Push us into this
negative place where We question our own value And we now
struggle with our self-worth, all right. We've got to look past that And understand that
there is more for us to Focus our
energy on so to speak. But getting
back to breaking this whole thing down Of you know when a man Does choose
another woman over you I want to shed light on it Why it happens what's
actually going on, okay. And so, here's one That actually wasn't
even on my list But I swear to
you I always say this But it's hitting
my spirit right now So we're going to kick
it off with this one. Sometimes
he chooses another woman over you Because he feels
less vulnerable with the other woman. So, here's the thing You know,
I'm always talking about connection And I'm always
talking about healing. And the unfortunate
reality is that A lot of people and
let's just focus on men for right now A lot of men haven't healed A lot of men have had
their heart broken Whether many
women realize or not A lot of men have had
their heart broken

A ridiculous amount of men Have had their heart broken. I eventually plan to
bring you guys the stories So you can hear them So you can
understand what's going on I digress. The point is it's happening They have not healed
from those situations And what happens
to individuals When they have not healed Is a fear of
being vulnerable, okay. A fear of finding themselves
in a position where They will be devastated
like they were last time If things don't
work out here. It's almost
like my heart can only handle so much So I will only go Where I don't have
to expose much of my heart. So, you'll
have these scenarios where sometimes A man could be very much in love or
view a woman As this is the one But be terrified of the idea Of being with her, all right And will then
choose another woman That it's easier
emotionally to deal with. Again, I always… I've spoken about this On the reverse side
of women doing this Because women
do, do this as well It's a people thing. If I'm honest I will say It happens more
with women than men But it does happen with men. But the bottom line is yes, They run from where
feed they feel this Higher level of
vulnerability this higher level of love

And go to something
that is lower level Because it's easier there. So, when you hear
me say things like, Like the safe choice is almost always
the wrong choice This is what I mean by safe I don't mean
safe as in "the good safe and secure" Where I can be at peace No, I mean safe as in I don't have
to put my heart out on the table here I don't have
to be worried about My heart being crushed
because look at it like this The person you love most Can hurt you
the worst, all right. So, it's like and I'll
give you an example From a woman's side If you as a woman
are dating a man And you think he's
cool and everything But you don't
really like him like that but you know, You might give
this a chance and see where it can go. And let's just say He forgets your birthday. Now, some
of you all going to be mad regardless Because you
don't like any man Forget your damn birthday But I'm saying
because it's him Yeah, like it you
may be annoyed you may be a little Salty about
it but it doesn't like Hurt, hurt because you're not really into
him like that. But if it's the guy that
you are madly in love with And you're just so into And you you feel
so vulnerable with And this man
forgets your birthday It hits and
hurts in a way that The other guy…
It doesn't affect you

With the other
guys, all right. So, this is how
people are operating Or this is their
concern it's like I don't want to
be with that person Who I feel for the most Because they
can hurt me the most And if my perception
of the opposite sex… So, in this scenario
a man viewing women Is I can't trust women, Women will always hurt you. You know
there's this saying going around where She's not yours it's
just your turn Very toxic mindset but That's how a lot of men think it's like
yo, This is just temporary She going
to leave you the first chance she get Or when she sees
a better opportunity. If that's the mindset Then their willingness
to be with a woman They are in love with Is like eliminated And now they will only
choose someone that They can maintain
a level of emotional control with. So, sometimes yeah, and I feel the need
to also mention this, This is why
in some situations Well,
it's a little bit different I was going to
mention how sometimes you'll see like Men and women break up Who do love
each other but something went wrong And then so the woman
sees the man has Moved on very fast
and would be like oh well, Because he moved on very fast He must not love me
and it's like no, no,

He's moving on fast To try to cope
and distract himself From how much he
actually does love you And how much he's
hurting because you guys broke up. You know, his surface actions Are not telling
the full story what's going on beneath it So don't get caught
up in what you see But that's kind of a
different type of scenario Than this idea of Just running
from the woman that He feels most vulnerable with And running to a woman That he doesn't
have to expose so much of himself with. All right so
let's keep this going Another real reason why A man chooses one
woman over another Is because the other woman Lets him get away
with more nonsense Plain and simple. You know, the unfortunate reality is
that There's going to be
some situations where And this is
a perfect example of It's a blessing that this man Left you or you know, Chosen break up with you And go be with
someone else because He was looking
for a situation where He can do the least
and receive the most. So, you have these
scenarios where the man is Not treating you the
way you need to be treated Not pouring into the
way that you need But you are giving,
giving, giving to him. The thing is In addition to your giving

You're still not happy And in you not being happy You may be what he considers Nagging him,
stressing him out, You always want to
talk about your feelings And all this stuff, Which you should talk
about them but to him He will paint this as
a very negative thing. So, to him it's all about You're doing too much You're stressing
me out so now He eventually meets
some other woman Who is willing to give
the same things you want To give but
keep her mouth shut She's not going to
question why he's out late She's not going to
want to talk about What are we to each other or Whatever issues that she has. She's just going to
go along with it And suck it up And give him what he wants. Now, here's the reality It is I want to
say it's extremely rare I want to say
it never happens I'm just going to say
for the sake of being open It's extremely rare That a woman can
go on forever Not getting the treatment
that she deserves And just go
along with it not say nothing, all right. So, even
though he moves on to another woman Because she is letting him get away
with more nonsense Well, there's an
expiration date on that And he will
just keep moving on To the next woman
and the next woman the next woman

He will use up as much as he can in
the current situation And then once
that hits it's boiling point so to speak He will move on to the next Either way you've got
to understand that If he was not
treating you the way that you deserved Good riddance,
plain and simple. You should not be
stressing over the fact that He's not moved on
to some other woman. Also here's
something that's extremely important And this applies to
any of the Points I'm going to
make in this video. It is very easy And I've seen
this happen tons of times It's
very easy to sometimes lose sight of What this man
really means to you And slide into a competition With the other woman. So, let's use this dynamic He was not treating
you right all this stuff You were doing so
much for him, right But you were
expressing your concerns and your issues. He now wants to move
on to this next woman Because she accepts
more of his nonsense. You getting caught up In a battle with this
woman because like well, Why is he going to her? What is she got that I don't Not understanding
it's just that She accepts his nonsense. You now fight to get this… I was going to say trash This man who ain't
worth your time back Because you
want to show her that She can't take
that man from you,

You're trying to beat her You see I'm saying
you trying to outdo her And it's like yo I've
seen women I've seen
literally get caught In this battle
between each other For years and
the man's treating them both like poorly It's unfortunate It's sad but that's why
I'm warning you about it. And if you are
in it right now I'm hoping this wakes you up Because it is
not worth your time It is robbing
you of your peace And even if you
win that man back What did you
win more mistreatment? More unhappiness? More me being miserable? It's not worth it. So, when this is the case Let him go let him move on You are better
off without him. All right so
here's another one and I was a little hesitant
to mention this one Because I don't
want to hurt anyone's feelings, okay. But at the same time
I want to be honest And I want to be real
what happens, okay. So, please understand I say this
with a loving heart And
with loving intention to just be clear. Another reason
why a man chooses another woman Over the other Is because he has become More attracted
to the other woman Than his current, okay. So, here's the thing

In most cases
that I have seen It's not a scenario of He let's say you're the woman He meets you he's
in relationship with you Or whatever or
he's even dating you Because sometimes
this can happen While in the dating
phase, right. And actually no,
I was going to say… So, if he's already
in a relationship with you Most cases that I've seen It's not a man
just leaves the woman That he's relationship
with and relationship has been good Just because
he's more attracted to somebody else It can't happen
it does happen But that's typically
not the case, okay. Because
it's like once we have Something established here And that means he
was attracted to you He's usually good. What happens is If you deviate
from how you look When you guys first
got together then yes, Then it's a
different ball game. So, to just be
straightforward about it He gets with the woman They've been together
two years, after two years Let's call it what it is She puts on a lot of
excess weight, all right And it's kind of way
that does not look good on her, okay. Does not look
good on her to him at the very least. And it's a weight
that she is not trying To remove either I think that's a
key point to make Because one thing to say

Okay, she put on some weight For various reasons but She's working
on getting it off Versus she's like no, It is what it is
it's who I am. In that scenario yes, And then he meets
someone more attractive There is… That has happened many times bottom
line, all right. So, that can be one
of the reasons why. Now, I've also seen this Play out in just the
dating process meaning Guy meets you He's talking to you
everything seems to be going great You guys have not
become official yet. Another woman
enters into the picture And because
of his higher attraction to this woman He ends up choosing To go with
that woman, all right. Now, I've seen
this play out to where He chose the other woman Eventually saw it wasn't it Try to go back
to the original woman Blew up in his face
the whole thing fell apart. The point here is I'm one, I'm just letting you know of Real scenarios that
happen and why it happens. But again,
let's just start with the dating example If he just picked
somebody else Because he
feels like he's more attracted to them So be it. We've got to understand
and it goes back to What I said in the very
beginning of this video Just because he found someone

More attractive
than you for him Does that mean you
are not attractive? You see I'm saying. It does not mean there isn't going to
be another man Who looks at
you like you are amazing It just means that yes, For him one, He put a higher value on Physical attraction
than maybe you have Or would have
liked for him to have. And it may just be
a symptom of There wasn't a strong
enough foundation There for him to want to Remain with you, which means He was not best for
you anyway, all right. So, I know it can be
a tough pill to swallow If you see this
woman and she… And to you she looks
like she's more beautiful You may start
to internalize that But you got to reject that And understand you know what, People are
going to do what they're going to do. If he's not
for you you move on So you can receive
who is for you. Oh, but before
I move to the next point Let me say now if the example Is the one I gave about In a relationship And you now let yourself go Or let me rephrase
that life happens, all right And your body has changed And you're presenting
yourself differently Then this is a
situation where You have to ask yourself

And I'm just
going to be completely real with you And again, some of
you all may not like me after this one. Are you with where you are And how you look? So, if you're that woman You've been with
him a couple years You've put out some weight. If you are not happy
with how you look Forget what he's
thinking for a second Though I do believe
that we should be trying to Look good for our partner Let me make that
clear I believe in that Wholeheartedly men and women. But if you
are not happy with it Then you've got
to be willing to do something about it. I know that's
easier said than done But you've
got to be willing to Put in the work because You don't want to Impact the relationship in a negative
way With this issue
because understand this At that point if you're not happy with
how you look It's no longer
just about how you look. Because I can guarantee you, You're not
coming off as confident as you used to You may feel
a little bit more hesitant to be intimate. I have so
many stories of women Who even though the man said I am still highly
attracted to you And I still desire you fully Because the woman Did not like
how she was looking She did not want to
be as intimate anymore.

She felt self-conscious If they were intimate the lights had to
be off for her. So, it was causing a problem Even when it wasn't
a problem for him. But you better believe
if it's a problem for him And it's a problem
for you oh, it's going to… It's going to have
a negative impact. So, you got
to be want to do something about it. On the flip side If you can honestly say to me I am happy with Let's
just I'm just throwing out an example, I am happy with these extra X amount of pounds, right I'm good here You know, I feel
good about myself I'm still confident. But this man is no
longer attracted to that Then it's one of
those things where, All right
then just let him go. Because there's no sense in Like if you are happy I'm not going
to tell you to change it If you're genuinely
happy feeling good Unless it's crossing
a barrier where You've become
unhealthy because of it That's a whole
different ball game. But if you're going
to say to me no, I actually am happy like this I love this Then I can't tell
you to change that. So, if he's not
happy with it, It's just one of those things We get to say
okay you know what,

I'm no longer what
he initially signed up for But I'm not trying
to change on a disc Because I'm good here So if he has to
walk away so be it. And either way we
don't need to Internalize
that or turn into something negative It's an example
of we grew apart. We went to two
different directions It is what it is it's what
happens sometimes. All right so
let's keep this moving Another reason why a man Chooses one
woman over another Is because you
want commitment And he's not ready for it. So, ultimately you know, And this might be a short one It's exactly what I said At the end of
the day you know, you're dating this man You want something official He is unwilling to commit And sometimes what happens Is the man will try to Hold on for as long as he can Dragging
the situation out and all these things But once again, It kind of goes
back to the point of The woman who
accepts his nonsense. If someone else
comes into the fold Where she's willing to play the role that
you're playing Possesses some of
the things you possess But is willing to not Stress about a relationship Well yeah, some men
will move on To that other woman because

It's easier there I can still get
the benefits I'm looking for Without having to deal with Stress or expectations Of trying to
be serious, all right. And the reality is I've
said this in other videos You know some of
you may say well, If we're behaving in
this boyfriend girlfriend way And I'm doing
all these things for him Why can't he
make me his girlfriend We're pretty much
acting like that? Well, because the key is When a man does
not want to commit It's two things
he's trying to avoid. He's trying
to avoid obligation And he's trying to avoid Eliminating
all his other options plain and simple. So, full commitment
and obligation. So, obligation is more so Well, now, as your boyfriend He has felt to
the plate more. Like I always give
the example of like If he's not your man
and you need a favor There's a little bit more
leeway when it comes to What he chooses to
do in that situation When he's your man There's more
of an expectation of You got to help your girl out Like that's that's
your woman, okay. Not saying he shouldn't
be willing to help you As the man
who's been dating you That's a whole different
discussion and we can You know,
argue about that but The point is there is
a greater obligation

Once he says I am your man You are my woman
this is official, all right. And then the eliminating other options
is self-explanatory Some men are
just not prepared to Stop playing the fields Whether it be
because they're just Not serious enough about you Whether it be they
feel like they never Had that opportunity before Because that
sometimes does happen. Some men feel like dang, I'm just now
coming into my own And getting to a place where I have options And now I meet
this woman is like Damn, just jumping
right into relationship. Some of them
feel like they want to Experience that
life for a second first. Whatever the reason being Your unwillingness
to accept that And not saying you should Could cause them
to choose the other woman. But
again, pretty much every point here Is an example… If that man Chooses the other
woman, right. It just means other
than that first point I made Just means he's
probably not for you Or he is not
ready to be with you And therefore
there's no point In trying to convince
him otherwise Or hold on for dear life Because all you're
going to do is Sell yourself short
in the process. So, not wanting to
commit is definitely

Not a reason
why the man chooses the other woman. All right now before
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with another reason That the man
chooses another woman Over you or you know
over another woman. And keep an
open mind hear me out Is because she knows how to Make him feel better
than you do, okay. Now, here's what I
want you to understand I always say
there are so many Good women out there

Many of you watching this I want to believe all
of you watching this Are genuinely good women However, a lot of you Are not positive women, okay. And it's important to
understand the difference. You may be a good person Have good intentions You know, you've
been through things Just like
anybody else in life But sometimes
you're holding on To way too
much negative energy. And whether
you realize the not It comes off
of you a lot, okay. So, some
of you will meet a man You guys
will date there may be attraction there, There might be
some good things there But what you're
overlooking is that You don't create an
environment That feels super good to him. Now, one would think Oh, well if that's the case Why wouldn't the man
just leave you alone? Why would
he even get with you If that's what's going on? Well, believe it or not I can't tell you how
many times I've had men DM me about situations And they would describe
a very toxic relationship And they would
end it by saying How can I hold
on to my woman? How can I make this work? Like that's not
enough sometimes To push them away
and in this various reasons.

because they're just as toxic, all right. So, you know,
it's hard for someone Who has dysfunction
within them To be able to call out Or hold anyone
else accountable for their dysfunction. Sometimes they are… When we had that
dysfunction within us We are drawn to dysfunction There could be
fears there could be… He could be enamored And infatuated
with your beauty Or other things
that you possess that He desires greatly There's all kinds of
reasons, okay. I have to even add Sometimes it's
just that you provide Certain benefits like Let's say you're
that woman that's Giving that man so
much even though He's not doing much for you So it's just
too beneficial for him To want to
leave despite the fact That the environment doesn't Necessarily
make him feel good It just provides
a lot of things for him So he doesn't want
to let go of all those Benefits and resources. All that to say So that causes these men To overlook the fact that You don't know how
to make them feel good. And so, I always say listen, There's always
women paying attention There's always women that

You're a woman You guys pick up on
the smallest details. You know, if this
man's going to work And he's going
to work with this very Depressed
attitude or very beaten down attitude And this woman knows
he has a woman at home Well, that's very likely That if she
has interest in him She will pick up on
the idea that okay, You are pouring
into him in energy That is negatively
impacting him And if now she
wants to counter that Or she wants
to now win his attention She has to as
I just said counter it She has to now come
in with the good stuff You know, and she
starts pouring into him And she starts
I hate to say the phrase Stroking his ego She starts making
him feel good. I'll say this there
was one time a man… I plan on writing a book One day all about infidelity. And there was a man
that once said to me Make sure you tell women that Not all cheating by men Starts with sexual desire. That a lot of times it starts From an emotional place. And what he meant is like You could have
this man who doesn't feel supported And loved and
respected at home Then you have this
woman outside the home Who starts
to pour that into him And he becomes emotionally drawn
to her.

It wasn't that he was
sexually pursuing her Or even initially
sexually drawn to her He's emotionally
drawn to her, Which then creates a desire Or willingness to want
to have sex with her Because for a lot of men Intimacy is
where they express Their desire
their love whatever the case may be. This is not
to to make it okay Or to excuse
it it's just to explain what's going on. And this is
why you'll see a lot of situations where Sometimes the the other woman That he chooses, right Is not even as attractive
as his initial woman You know I'm saying It's a drop off and looks. But it it's because
at that point He's valuing how She makes him feel
more than anything. So, it is important
and of course I want you to understand It isn't a one-sided thing That I promote as far as Making your partner
feel good, right. The man has to learn how to Make his his woman feel good Secure all these things too But I'm talking
to you right now And in talking to you yes, I have to remind you that This is a real issue And this is one
of those times where You've got to
take responsibility For what am I
pouring into my partner?

I being that source of love, support, Peace, all these
wonderful things? Am I learning and
accepting and embracing How to make him feel
good consistently. Now, if your retaliation Or your rebuttal is well, If he wasn't doing X,
Y, Z or If he stepped up or you know, Blah,
blah, blah, blah, right. But then my then response is Why are you with him? Why are we waiting for him To choose another
woman over you When you should be
choosing your peace And your singleness over him? You see I'm saying. If you are going to… If you're going
to choose to still be there Despite whatever it
is he's falling short with Then used
to have to hold yourself accountable For how you're showing up You don't get
to use what he's doing As an excuse. If that's going
to be your explanation Then you might as well leave. I always say listen,
there is no point In staying in a relationship If we're going
to now act a fool If we're going to give
ourselves reasons Why it's okay
to come up short Because our partner
this our partner that. No, either we're
going to come correct Or we don't come at all Plain and simple.

So, I just highly
encourage you This is a real issue
that happens This is a real reason why Some men choose the other woman
over another But I want you to fortify If you are anyone Or you end
up in a relationship I want you to strengthen it By making sure
you are assessing What you are
pouring into your partner. And I'll say one other thing If again, you're
saying to yourself Well, he's been doing this Or if he would do that, All right I always
say address it first. And address it with
the intention of hey, I want to be better for you I want to be able to
pour these things into you But what I need from
you in return is X, Y, Z And if you
guys can agree to that boom, great. If you all can't get on
the same page about it Then that's just
more evidence that It's time to walk away. All right so I actually
had a few more to go But I don't
want to make the video too long, right So we're going
to have to do a part two at a later date. So, I'm going to just
end this with a bonus one. So, we're going to
have those top five Here's an extra one
for this video And again,
there'll be another video in the future Giving you some
more explanation. But another common reason why A man chooses one
woman over another Is due to family
pressure, okay.

And I'm going
to throw in there Even pressure
from friends as well. So, the unfortunate
reality is that There are a lot
of people out there who Allow their
family and friends To have way too much
influence over them And more
specifically their family. Like the friends
think it can happen But this is
really more specifically with the family. And I've seen and
I've coached through situations where The man generally
may want woman a, right That's where his heart is at But the family
is like no you have to choose a woman b. I've even had
some scenarios where The family was like yo, If you choose woman a We're cutting
you off financially We're disowning you. Like they've taken
it to very intense places And it's just crazy the
positions that Some people are being put in By their families. And so, you know,
it's it's sad because At the end of the day
like I'm going to always stand behind Doing what's
truly best for you Going where you know
your heart belongs Where that
connection is there Where true love is And not let
your family derail you. Because again, the problem is Yeah, so in this scenario Your family
doesn't cut you off You get to keep them around Because you chose person b

But person b
can't make you happy like person a. And your family don't have to Wake up next
to person b every night. Your family doesn't have to have kids
with person b Your family doesn't
have to deal with All the day-to-day issues
that can come about When you choose
to be with someone That isn't truly best
for you. So, I don't support it You know
I'm saying but I feel I empathize I feel sympathy towards
the men Who are in this position. Of course, this
happens to women too But we're talking about
the men right now It's just an
unfortunate dynamic. But it does happen like that And again, it's
one of those things where as a woman If it happens to you like There isn't much
you can do about it You can only hope And pray that
the man's going to make The choice that's truly
best for the both of you, right. But you can't
control how much Control his
family has over him. And depending on
the age of the man Depending on the the
dependency you know, Whether it be
financially or whatever That this individual
has towards his family There's so many factors Or it's just for some It may be as simple as like They hold on to their mothers Let's focus real
quick on the mother. It's not even a family thing

It's a mother thing And the mother's like I don't like her And if you choose her like We're done or we're
going to have a problem. And he has this
loyalty to his mother He feels like you know, He can't betray
her that's his mom Or that you know what Despite my feelings I trust my mom knows best Even though
in some situations The mom is speaking
from a place of Unresolved trauma and hurt. The mom is not giving An unbiased
perspective, all right The mom may be simply
telling him don't choose Woman a because
she feels like With woman a she
will be replaced, all right. Whereas with woman b She will maintain control In the situation and
over her son. So, if you're a
man watching this You got to
be careful with that You got to be mindful of Listen, she
might be your mother She may love you to death She's still a human being She's still flawed Where are her… Where are her
intentions coming from? Why is she saying she does not like
this woman? Why is she pushing you to the other
woman over her? What's really behind this?

Anyways, the point is this is Something that happens It's something to be aware of But at the end of the day You got to trust God. And if this man
for whatever reason Chooses another
woman over you Then trust
that either the timing is just not right Or God has something
bigger and better Waiting for you And a man who will love, Cherish, and choose only you. Hey, thank you for
watching this video. Be sure to check this
one out right here And I'll see you there. To pull out of
you or receive from you Is also hindered, all right. Because what
creates more bonding Than two people who
can do for each other? If two people
are just living together Doing for themselves It's like they're roommates They're not really
pouring into each other. So, therefore
there is no real Romantic relationship
occurring there.

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